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willinghams rubs

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A friend had me over for a rib fest last wknd and WOW like ive never tasted great ribs before! after a few hours of begging he finnally gave up the secret rub .john willinghams. best ive ever had you all have to give it a try.he sent me home with a bag full and a jar of willinghams cajin rub wich we made hot wings with tonight.good good good.just orderd myself 3 jars of eachPDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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Check these out.

Sound about right?
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2 cool supervman thanksicon_smile.gif
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Somma gun. I think my rub is about to be changed. Never thought of heating it to meld flavor and re-grinding the lumps. I just dust it in a grinder. Interesting!
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great link V, thanks.
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v ... awesome link...will keep this for sure...thanks
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I poked around this link last night and there are LOTS of different recipes there. I went all through the pickled section. The site set up isn't great but use the search for something specific.

e.g. a recipe might be listed as John Doe's Famous St Louis Ribs and things like that. It's listed under J as whatever the first initial of the first word of the recipe is.

Dang good site though.
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Richtee, I'm gonna do that. My plan is to reserve some of the unheated spice, heat the rest and then do a side by side comp when the heated rub cools. If you do the same chime in with your thoughts.
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