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New user from WA

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Howdy, all...

I found SMF while looking up a sausage recipe. Nice site, loads of good folks who know their business.

I'm a seasoned veteran in smoking fish and pretty fair at sausages. I have three electric smokers I use and a homemade smokehouse (propane or wood, depending on what I'm curing needs) for larger fish & bacons/hams, etc.

I prefer to dry cure, rather than brining. Just my personal preference.

If you have a question you'd like to know, please ask.

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Welcome once again... pleased to meet ya. Another wattburner...jeez am I missing something? LOL! Enjoy!
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Hi and welcome. I've got a load of king mackerel in the freezer I'll be smoking in the future. We had some smoked fish dip down in the keys and I've been trying tons of recipes since then to try and find the best that mimics it. I've gotten close, but still looking for the perfect smoking technique to the perfect mix of ingredients.
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welcome to smf
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I posted my method for salmon in the fish forum. It has been working for me as long as I've been smoking fish. Mackerel should work just fine, as it's a fatty, oily fish.

The brown sugar on mackerel may not work real well, try lemon pepper & maybe just a pinch of sage to balance the fishy flavor with the seasoning. With salmon, try sprinkling some more brown sugar on the fish about ½ way through the smoking process.

Of course, with dry methods like mine, you can make every piece of fish have a different seasoning. I've even used powdered jalapeños. Sliced fresh jalapeños do really well when laid cut side down on the fish, too. Plus you get to eat the peppers as you're taking the fish out of the smoker.

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Welcome to SMF Capt.

Glad to have ya, I got word my Mom-in-law will be gifting us a Kitchenaide mixer for Christmas and if so I would like to do some sausages. Yep,holler at ya when it happens!LOLPDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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Welcome to SMF from another newbie.
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Welcome Mark.
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Welcome, SMF glad to have ya hear...many voices one choir
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Welcome to the addiction biggrin.gif lots of washingtonians here.
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Welcome to the smf................
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Anyone who likes smoked fish is ok with me, so welcome to the SMF.
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