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Quest for Brisket Source Continues . . .

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Still haven't been able to find a source for the packer trim brisket. Can't find them at my local Costco. Have a few more places to look though. The place that used to sell meat in a nearby town only does custom butchering now.

Thought I had a line on one. Asked the guy at the meat department at Safeway if they could get them. He called today leaving a message saying they had one in. I called them back and it is only a flat. The manager tells me they can't get them with the point and the flat together.

And, oh yeah, they want $4.79 a pound for it.

I think I will keep looking.

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I have been running into the same problems and prices that you have around here, cheapest I could find a flat is 3.29 lb. at sams. I called a smalltime meat processing plant by my house and he ordered a case and is going to charge me 2.49 a lb. Maybe you could look around for someone like that.

Good luck.
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Dave good luck in your search seems all I have been finding are packers and no flats but all are better priced than that
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Where in Northern CA do you live?
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Have you tried a search on the CAB site for a retailer?

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my albertsons here has them all the time in the bag for $1.99-packers
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About two hours north of Sacramento.

I just did with the link that you posted . . . and the Raleys about 30 minutes away came up in the search. I will have to give them a call. Thanks.

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Where at Dave? I am in plumas county. I saw some Packers at Walmart in Reno. Not sure if your close to reno or not.
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If you have any local hispanic community stores (Mom and Pop type) they will sometimes have them.

Good luck in your search
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Man, do I feel lucky and blessed living in Oklahoma. You can't walk into a grocery store or Sam's without a large plethora of meats to choose from at a decent price. The hardest part about shopping for a brisket is picking the right one and staying away from all the other meats I want to fill my freezer with.
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In Sacramento area there are a number of meat wholesalers that can obtain what you need. You will have to buy by the case but that means you can stock up and make the trip once a month or less. Do a google search for "Northern CA meat wholesale" and a list of the companies will show up. Makes some calls and you should be good to go.
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Brisket source

Is there a Cash & Carry near you? They serve N. Calif., Oregon, Washington, & some of Idaho.


They usually have a decent price on briskets. They tend to beat Sam's and Costco.
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Had the same problem here today, my local butcher has been very good to me the last year or so, and I always try there first. Seems as though his supplier can't get any right now. He said all the briskets they had last week went to Notre Dame!eek.gif WHAT!! Must be Big Charlie is very hungry!PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif

So I had to drive 20 miles to the next town's meat locker to get a couple 10-12 lbers, but instead of $2.29 a lb. , I had to pay $2.69, so I had to cough up an extra 8 bucks, but at least I got some. Sam's and Wally's got em around here I would expect, but I don't shop there.
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Wal-mart sells them here......when they have them in stock, that is....they disappear almost as fast as they get them in. I've gotten 3 very nice 12 lb. packers from there....price is pretty good too...usually about $1.89/lb......dangit!!.....now ya got me wanting to smoke another brisket!!.....icon_evil.gifbiggrin.gif

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I am about 4 hours from Reno.

There is one about 30 minutes away. Gave them a call and they think they have them. The guy didn't seem to recognize the term "packer cut" but said they have some big ones (like 15 pounds) and the sticker said "Nose On". Does that term mean anything to anyone? Sounds like we are on the right track and only $1.89 per pound.

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Here is the problem with briskets that nobody is mentioning. Now I love brisket and smoke them all the time. But to the general public who doesn't know better briskets are three things. First being very big and most families are small or one/two people now a days. Second, many people have never been taught how to cook and slice a brisket so it is tender and tasty. Third, so many people now don't have time or want much faster gratification than it takes to smoke or cook a brisket in an oven. So what do processing plants and butchers do with meat that they don't believe they can sell? Hamburger folks. People who don't have very much time or want faster gratification turn to hamburger. But angus beef? Give me a break folks, most angus beef is too lean. Give me a hereford or charlais breed anyday and I'll show you meat with fantastic marbling and taste.
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Looks like your on the right track. Good luck with that brisket hunt.
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would those be excel?


i posted one on here just a few days back. they are pretty dang good if cooked long and slow. mine fell apart. and a 12 lber with flat and cap is about $21.00


this excel was about 8 lbs and a few oz. and i payed $14 and change.PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif $14.71 it looks like if i squint at that first pic lol.
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Briskets source


The briskets I have gotten from Cash & Carry have all been "primals". Full size briskets with one end thicker than the other. They are packed in a heavy duty sealed plastic bag right out of the box from the slaughter house. I do not remember the brand name. They cater to the restaurant industry.
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Is that the same as a packer?

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