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Strami & Ribs

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Been brining a brisket for approx 18 days now. Figured today is a good day to make Strami. And since the drum will be fired up, why not a rack of Ribbies?

In the drum. Exciting, isn't it! eek.gif

The set up


More to come once finished.
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Looks like a great start I'll be looking forward to more
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Alright! A smoker looks better with more stuff anyhow.
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Sweet Crewdawg....Can't wait ta hear on the Strami!!!
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Man I love that uds! gotta get me one of those...I am anxiously awaiting the strami q-vue.....
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Good thing that thermo tells ya what you're doing eh? ;{) Man that pastrami looks great!
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Sorry it took so long to finish (little mrs decided to backup the computer last night with out telling me.....(the nerve of her!), and the camera conked out (accidentally left it on and it ran out of juice) Anyway, how things went:

1) The ribs took 4 hrs with no flipping or foiling. Did spritz with AJ 2 then 3 hrs into the smoke. Great texture with clean "bites" to the bone! Threw them out though PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif Tried a new rub and it was WAY TOO salty! Almost like biting a salt lick...icon_evil.gif Guess the salt really came out during the smoke cause it was just fine when tasting it. Oh well, its happened before and will happen again. Not all smokes go according to plan (at least we had the Strami)!

2) The Strami came out par excellante'! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif About 5 hrs of smoking, taking it to 165*. Sliced thin, then ate with deli mustard, kraute, and swiss! Very tasty.

Again, sorry for being so late and no Q-Views.
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NEVER toss too salty mistakes...a soak in cool water for a few hours and then if needed a simmer..then use in kraut or a fatty stuffing or... well, you get it!

No pix din't happen. Hmmm where have I heard that? LOL! <Sorry... I don't subscribe to that theory, but it's SOO fun to type.>
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Crewdog (Geoff)
Bummer about the ribs...and the q-vue...but your description of the strami sure sounds YUMMY, theater of the mind q-vue! well done!
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