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beer butt chicken

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So im tryin beer butt chicken for the first time. for my staff and myself.

Ive watched someone do it once.

Mixed half a can of beer with bbq sauce. stucker in and smoked it.

Im going to use the other half mix to baste during smoking.

should i still rub my bird?

any other suggestions would help alot.

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You don't have to rub the bird if you are going to baste it. I still do though
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I use rub on my beer can yardbird but I don't baste. I think it depends on what type of smoker you have, the weather and personal taste as to basting.
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I've heard of beer butt chicken on a BBQ grill but haven't seen it done in a smoker. Will it get hot enough in the smoker to allow the beer/bbq to steam the inside of the bird? That is the objective right?

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Rick, i do em ALL the time on my smoker. I have done beercan turkeys also on the smoker.

Buster, too bad you didn't brine the bird first yesterday. Makes for a VERY moist bird.
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brush with evoo and put some garlic, cbp and kosher salt on the skin.

mmmmmmmmmmmmmm goooooooooooooooooooood
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so ya. my memory has failed me. i have never seen one done in the smoker, it was on a grill. If my smoker wasnt filled with ribs, prime rib, and deli birds I would attempt to crank up the heat, but i guess that will be another day.

Now i need even more help, lol

How hot am i lookin to get the bbq?

my two birds are running just under 3kg's.

am i looking for internal of 170+?

thanks again all
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what temp you doin your beer butt chicken in the smoker at walker?

and i have never brined anything before, but im more than happy to get a couple more birds if you think you could give me some pointers!!!
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are you using you grill?? If so set up for indirect heat and get it to 400. If your probe is in the thigh then 185, breast 165. At least that how I do it. Hope this helps.
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i smoke at 250. but if you want CRISPY skin, smoke at 300 or above.

i brine whole chickens overnite..........make sure you wash off the brine well before placing it on the throne.

1/2 jar molasses.....non sulphur kind
1 cup brown sugar
3 Tbs Kosher salt
1 Tbs freshly ground c u m i n
heat above ingrediants till sugar disovles
put into a large container
add two trays of ice
let come to room temp
Add meat
Add cold water until meat is covered
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Yep definately brine, brine, brine!
I lift the skin off the breast and put my rub directly on the breast meat under the skin...I also like to inject my bbb's (beer butt birds) and plug the neck hole with the flap of skin some times left there or a small potato or a jap...something to plug the hole....
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d88de bites his tounge......LOLOL

or a onion quarter
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When I do the beer can bird I brine overnite, rub the next day. I crank the smoker up to 250 and keep it there for an hour. Then I raise to 300 for another hour and finally boost to 350. Once the probe in the breast reads 165 I pull them off and let rest for about 30 minutes in the house. After that, its eating time.
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thanks guys. lots of help

Got my first ones under my belt. started basting to early so they are looking pretty dark, also got hit with a big group in the restaurant un left unattended for to long possibly.

The smell great and im sure are gonna taste the same.

I grabbed two more birds that im gonna brine tonight and repeat the whole thing over. Thanks for the brine recipe, ill get qviews of both sets tomorrow.
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