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Teriyaki And Vadalia Onion Vinegar Dressing Turkey Breast W/QVIEW

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Well, I got a PM from hillbilly43 AKA, Don, asking for advice on this. This is my second from a .99 cent score about 2 weeeks ago out of four. The last one I did I dry cured, this time I brined it for 12 hours. If this comes out acceptable to him, he will be using it for a guide, so the pressure is on, lol. cool.gif

I cut a small slit not only through the outer skin, but through a thin skin below. I then added lemon pepper and garlic powder, and added Toshidas teriyaki.

Then I added some Vadallia Onion Vinegarette and patted it all over to spread it around and mix with the spices. You can see it below the 2 skins, right on the meat.

I'll be smoking at 225' for a while to get some smoke and probably raise the temp up till internal gets to about 165 - 170 and cover. Oh, I'm using mesquite and hickory.

I will update soon, I have to get a ribeye steak off first, then the breast will go on next.

Thanks for watching,
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I was under the assumption a PM was a personal thing.
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I didn't think I divulged any personal information. I am doing this because of a conversation on the phone with Don and to provide a detailed time stamp so he could read it and if he liked it he could follow it.

Anyway back to the reason for this post. Here It is at 150'.

Another 15' to go.

Thanks for watching, more to come.

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Looking good Ron! I love the sound of your ingredients.
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Nothing like smoked turkey. I haven't done one in a while, now I'm thinking turkey will be my next smoke (after today's ribs) icon_smile.gif.
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Ron brother that looks and sounds great ! nice job PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Nice looking turkey Ron,
How did she taste? Thanks for another inspiring idea!
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Thanks everyone.

The end 165'.

Resting for a few.

Dinner is served. I thought it was a bit dry last night.

I just sliced a few for Carol and she said it is good, and not dry. Maybe when I heated the scalloped potatoes in the mic I over did it. Then again maybe it was the lolypops.icon_smile.gif As long as it is good for her it is good for me.

Thanks for watching.

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