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I do price up dates every Monday here is what I got

bnls pork loin $ 2.79
pork butt $ 1.59
baby backs $ 3.39
spares $ 1.89

Here is some on beef

Ribeye $ 8.99
brisket $ 1.69
Chuck roast $ 3.09
arm roast on sale this week $ 2.69
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Heck, that's probably 95% of the beef in any grocery store, anywhere in the US. And, 99.9% of all pork. Hamburger, mostly old tough dairy cows. It's the world we live in.

My prices:
Pork loin chops 2.50 - 2.99 lb
Whole loins 1.50 -3.99 lb
Pork butts 1.29 - 2.99 lb
B backs 3 racks ~ 33 bucks depending on wt and brain fart won't let me come up with $/lb
Steaks 5.99 - 15.99 lb
Brisket 1.30 lb or so

I only buy on the low end of these ranges.
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Here is what I have been paying on average

Butts 7-10pnd (2 per cyro pac)1.59 - 1.89

Spares (2-3 per cryo pac) 1.59 - 1.79

Pork Loin 2.69 -2.99
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This week in Evansville, IN, Wesselman's (local chain) has pork butt for $1.29/lb.
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Man I would kill for some of these brisket prices you guys are talking about. I am paying at least 2.99 for brisket. 3.49 if I go to the local slaughter house and get fresh. I did see whole brisket at Walmart for 1.72/lb. I would not buy a pork butt or shoulder from there because they are injected with brine, but the brisket is not. Anybody got experience with Walmart briskets. I am sure that my local guy is better, but I am not sure it is worth double the price. Any thoughts are appreciated.
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Stupid me! Buffalo used to be a booming metropolis in the mid 1900's. A great hub town for grain & livestock. I even recall a historical plaque in the P.O. driveway about the slaughterhouse yards.

Well, right around the corner from me is a wholesale type place and I called it and talked to a young girl who asked if I had a salesman, so I said no, but I did buy stuff years ago there. She still took care of me and gave prices. Some are only in quantity or cases.

beef brisket, 70lb box, $1.89lb
fresh pork picnic, (6) 8lb pcs, $1.19lb
boneless pork butts, 4 x 2pks, $1.49lb
shoulder butt w/bone, 50lb box, $1.49lb
spare ribs, 30lb (3 x 2pk), $1.49lb
baby backs: I'd like to confirm by trying to purchase first, only because the price was ridiculously low, nowhere ner my local store's ad prices. They are sold in 10lb packs.

My pepper smoke is almost done, I'll try to take some pics later and I think I'll pay the wholesaler a visit!

Can somebody explain the differences between the picnic, boneless & shoulder butt w/bone? The girl on the phone said the picnic was the best for pulled pork...
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This coming friday's sale....

Whole boneless pork loins - 1.99 / lb

Bone in butt roast - 1.39 / lb

Whole Boneless NY strip - 3.99 / lb

Sirloin tip roast 8 - 12 lb - 2.49 / lb.

Decisions decisions. :)
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I get my briskets from Super Target or Sam's. They are all excel brand, $1.59-$1.79/pnd (I think) and the only difference is that Target's seem to regularly be Choice where finding choice at Sam's seems to be hit and miss and mostly select. This is for Whole Packer Briskets not just flats. Sam's Flats usually are always choice.
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I rarely quote myself but am doing so to keep the prices together. As I mentioned in other threads, I just got a Masterbuilt and broke it in last night using various peppers to make powder.

Well, I couldn't wait any longer and went to the wholesale place near closing time. The prices in the walk-in area weren't exactly the same, which made 1 guy go look for the girl I talked to on the phone who quoted prices for me. She explained to him that the current sheets should be correct.

However the baby backs that I was looking for were actually PIECES (whatever that means?!) The price she gave me was $1.99! The guy in the retail area said there wasn't any babies under $3. Then another girl tried pulling them up in the computer and she quoted me something in the mid $3.xx area and I said I can get them any day of the week at the place I posted here for $2.99.

She looked again and found smaller Babies that were around $2.80lb in a 10lb box and someone brought some up to the front for me. While I was waiting, I was looking around and found a "fresh shoulder picnic" and that was $1.09lb! They also had "fresh shoulder butt" for $1.59lb in a cryo 2-pack so took one.

When they brought the baby back case up, I opened it and they were FULL racks but must have been from young pigs or a smaller type pig. Has anybody ever seen these before? They were only 3-4" wide and maybe 12-16" long. They were frozen. I bought 1 case.

ALSO, some of the cryo stuff was Indiana or Indiana-something brand; anybody know anything about this brand or any comments? I think the shoulder picnic was that brand.

Anyway, I got a shoulder butt soaking up some soy sauce and cross-hatched the fat cap and inserted some heirloom garlic slices all over it and ground up the peppers I dried last night & made a quick rub. I think I may smoke it tonite!
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i just scored BB's at 2.39 a lb, i wiped them out 7 racks, spares were 1.39 an lb for frozen double packs, snagged 6 of them
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Thats a nice score there linescum
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That is a nice score. I've never seen them below $2.99 on sale around here. For $2.39 I'd stock up too.
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Does anybody know what BB "pieces" would be? They were $1.99lb.

Also, what/why the full BB's I bought were only a foot long or so? (12-16") They appeared to be full racks, 12-13 bones.
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Tenderloins: I've smoked a fair amount a butts an shoulders. They are bout the same, however, in my personal experience, the taste of a shoulder is better then a butt. I'll do either one, pick up shoulders ifin on sale er butts ifin they are.

Prices fer day ta day here right bout now are:

Butts $1.82 pound
Shoulders $1.78 pound
Spares $1.89 pound, these be Smithfields in a cryovac pack 2 spares ta the package, I like these better then farmlands which run 10 cents a pound more.
Brisket $1.72 pound
I don't even price baby backs cause I won't pay it!
These er retail prices, lookin fer wholesale an still lookin!
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My local corner store I linked earlier has this week thru Saturday the 27th:

Boneless Butts $1.39
Spare Ribs by the box price, $1.29!
Pork Loins $1.59/$2.19

Even better are the BEEF prices:

Prime Rib $3.99 ($4.49 boneless)
Strip steak loin $2.99
Beef Tenderloin $4.99

They even have GALLONS of Open Pit BBQ sauce for $5.99...and boneless skinless chicken breasts at $1.29 per lb by the case...

Oh my, the decisions I must make in the next 90 minutes!
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i got a whole picnic last night for $1.39 lb. and loins were on sale for $1.97 lb.
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Around here...

Spares usually 1.99 a lb.
Butts 1.49 seen it as low as 1.09 a lb, but that was a few months ago

I did happen to find some bulk packages (2 or three slabs to a pack) of baby backs that were mismarked at 1.99 a lb. I dug thru the whole meat bin hoping to find more, only found three though.

Every once in awhile the loin goes on sale at 1.99

Oh...I also have a hookup thru Cargill meats (Large wholesale distributor) and can sometimes get meat at employee prices, cant remember the prices I paid last time, but I know it beat ANY sale I could find at the stores.
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Thanks for the updates guys.

My place was only open until 6 tonite so I picked up a 5lb boneless prime rib roast and a 12lb strip loin. I will start preparing the prime rib any minute now and put it in before the football games start tomorrow, I think the Bills play at 4pm so should be eating by halftime if I don't put it in in the morning instead.

I guess I will have to acquaint myself with the BEEF Forum here!
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