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The butt that kicked cromestacks,BAD

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Mike (cromestack) got his very first ever 8# butt on at around 2pm, i got over there at around 7pm ,we did some ribblettes and spare scraps, i left at 12:30am butt was 153*, called over at 6am thismorning to see if he was ready to hall the smokers to the church for our lunch cook today. His wife awnsered and said" IT AINT DONE YET", so iget over there, the butt is at 180*,I know they kept the temps up cuz he was almost out of wood. we pulled apart what we could, and put the rest on his gas grill to finish it(we had to get his smoker to the church). it was very good and most of it did pull apart well. Almost 17hrs at 250-275*, 8# butt, he still wants to do another after i reassured him that this was probly a once in a life time thing. We also have our church comp tommarrow where he will do another butt and a turkey.

Here it is at around 6:30am

Mike try'n to cool off/put out a fire so we could get his smoker to the church

Mikes smoker with Kbobs at the church

Mine with Kbobs at the church
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Another butt horror story... ya just never know eh? Wasn't dinner time in Heaven obviously.
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Nice job of helping Buzz. Glad it all worked out. Looks a pretty good spread of kabobs. The people at the church will be eating good today!
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where were them butts at the gathering buzz?
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So what did you fellers do that was bad hmmmmm?!
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LOLOL...........good point tip, good point......LMAO
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I'm still amazed that he wants to stay after it and start in again tonite with another butt for the church comp., I havnt heard about a free smoker on his end of town yet, so he's got the FEVOR.
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Looks good, sorry to hear about the trouble with it. Im feelin for ya. I got an 8.5# butt on last night at 11pm and it is just now to 205*.
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Other being tired Im ready to go again these long runs are almost as good as a &#$&$%#& LET THE SMOKE ROLL!!!!!
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