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Re-Heat/finishing ribs

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I am going to a tailgate party on Saturday morning, but I wont have time to smoke my ribs that day. I am doing St. Louis style spare ribs (8 racks). I am planning 3-2-1 them on Friday night.

I was thinking about keeping them in the foil and cool them down on Friday (skip the 1 hour after foiling), then just carefully put them on the smoker Saturday an hour before serving and finish them.

or should I put them 3 on the smoke -2 in the foil -1/2 on the smoke just put a little bark on them on Friday- And warm/finish them saturday.

Or if anyone knows a good way to re-heat ribs that doesnt dry them out- I will have a smoker and a grill at the tailgate (gotta have my fatties)
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I would forget 3-2-1 and just smoke them for till I got good pull back on the bone. At this point cool them down quickly. The morning you are going to serve them have a grill ready and grill indirect until hot (sauce towards the end, just long enough to set sauce). The grilling will tenderize the ribs the rest of the way.
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Might work, not sure about the grill tenderizing though. I would tend to do a 3-1 to maybe a 1.5 in the foil, then re-warm on the grill. Alot of time even 3-2 has the ribs already done. Good luck.
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When doing vending we have used this method, the object is to get the ribs to 85 to 90% done and cooled. If you cook them to tender then the heating phase can and most often does take the texture to mushy.
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