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Back on the Board

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I have been away for a long while, so I'm reintroducing myself.
Been busy catering, competing, was on the Board of two competition groups (KCBS and the WBBQA).

Glad to be back on the Forum

Jim Minion
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Glad to have you back with the gang at SMF.
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Welcome back to the board. Now are you the Minion from whom be known as the Minion Method I have read in other forums?
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I am that Minion, don't use it as much now days because of the cookers I'm using and the size of the cooks we do most of the time.
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Great method!!!! I use it all the time... Thanks for the tip, and welcome back!!!biggrin.gif
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Im honored to meet you (almost) Mr Minion. Welcome back.
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Welcome, NICE to have you here.
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Welcome back! I look forward to your expertise and tips! Especially on chicken... <heh..a little semi-private joke>
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glad to have you back in the fold. i am too new to remember you from before but have heard of the minion method so i know you have had alot to offer smf in the past and looking forward to your renewed participation with smf. welcome back!!!!
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Welcome back, I have heard of that method many times.
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Welcome back to the forum, looking forward to your input!smile.gif
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I think it's privacy aint what it used to be!icon_smile.gif

Yes Jim, great to have ya back, thanks for the searing tip the other
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Weclome back glad you found the time to come share with us
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