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First Fatties

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The other day (wait that was only yesterday) I posted my first fatty (Combo Pizza) in the pork section as I was doing some butts with it. Well my wife also made a couple that were much better and really worth posting so here they are. She also used the weave that was posted not too long ago.

The first was an apple stuffing fatty. Don't have the recipe but when I wander back home eventually I can probably get it from her.

The second a Hawaiian fatty with pineapple and terriaki sauce topped with pineapples before the bacon wrap.

My butcher makes an awsome breakfast sausage and that certainly helped but i gotta say, That Hawaiian one was really awsome.
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Great ideas, both with new fillings I haven't seen before. Nice job!
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Nice Weave going on!

Nice, Nice, now lets see a slice!!
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uhhhhhh,,, sorry man... I really had to get to bed early last night, actually right after several slices and well,,, I forgot..biggrin.gif
It never happened....I know....

To be honest, I left home for work in Chicago at around 5am and I'm still working at 8:30pm with probably 2 hours left...
Damn that Dan! He really mucked up my mojo....Yeah, I'm whining... I go home tomorrow but doubt there will be any left for a pic.

How about Hawaiian fatty Pt. 2 cool.gif
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Excellent fatty.
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I am definately going to have to add that to the "must do" list
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