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G'day from Downunder!

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Hey guys, I just stumbled across this forum, and website this morning.
It seems to be full of information on pretty much everything i need to know.
I signed up for the 5 day eCourse, so hopefully that comes through the email and i canget started.

I have ZERO experience in smoking meat, but i have plenty in EATING meat which has been SMOKED. biggrin.gif
I have a BBQ here with a hood (lid) with a thermometer inbuilt into the lid, can i convert that into a smoker using Propane as the heat source instead of coals? the bbq looks much like this

I have seen a few photos on the forum of a barrel hanging off the side, would it work with propane BBQ's?

Anyway, I hope to learn much from you guys here and eventually have an awesome set up which i can cook anything i want in, from ribs to Salmon.

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Welcome to SMF. You've started out right by signing up for the 5 day course. Just stay tuned and ask questions as you go. You'll be a first class smoker in no time.
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Hello SFR and Welcome to SMF. You can use many things for a heat source, and many smokers use propane. The key is INDIRECT heat. That's a key difference in smoking Vs. grilling. well, that and the smoke is made by the wood...not the food LOL! Enjoy!
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Hi Bassman, do you think my BBQ will be right to smoke in, would it be easy to modify?

I also want to make smoked meat, you know the stuff you see when you are in a delicatessen, I would not know where to start with that stuff.
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Welcome to SMF, Rob , this is a great forum to learn all you wish about smokin meat and building smokers ... research on .... see ya in the forums .
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G'day mate, Welcome aboard and enjoy your stay. WHat part of Oz u from? I am from NSW and WA

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Welcome Rob. you'll be kicking out sweet smoke in no time.
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Welcome aboard bud, there is alot of good info here
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wekcome to smf!!!! ck out the free ecourse, jeffs rub n sauce are all they claim to be! cant wait for your first installment of qview!!!
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welcome sfr to smf gald to have ya. read and ask we are all here to help...and yes the unit can be mod to smoke,like rich said, its indirect heat and wood is where you get the smoke flavor from. ya send some q view we will be waiting, you will be smokeing in no time.
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Welcome to the SMF!!
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Welcome Rob, glad to have ya here!
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