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IMHO In a reverse flow smoker I doubt that the difference between flat ends and curved ends would have a noticeable effect on smoking.

If any one owns a curved end smoker and wants to do a side by side comparison, come on over. I'll supply the beer, we can sit out back and test away. icon_smile.gif
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Gas Assist,

I think the gas assist is like having power windows on a car. If you have a car without power windows, you don't really see the need until you get one that has em:-)

I can't see myself without gas assist now. It speeds up the start-up time so much and also has other benefits. Say you fall asleep for 2 hours and the coals won't support a new log, just turn the switch and throw the logs in and they are torched:-) Once meats are foiled or you're done with smoke, you can switch to gas too. Its just a nice tool to have-- gives you more options:-)
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I guess I never thought about SLEEP!PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif

I could see where it would come in handy.cool.gif
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I confess!!!!

I confess!!!! it happened---sshhhhhh
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Is there any way to describe how much mileage you can get out of a propane tank? Obviously it depends on how much you use it. Any way to give more details on longevity?
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A Lot

A lot, if your propane is only for the log-lighter system and no other stuff, like side burners, etc, then it should last a real long time. You really only use it for the first 5 to 10 minutes for most normal smokes and maybe a shot or two during the smoke.

You will use more though if you do a lot of butts and briskets and want to switch to gas instead of charcoal once your meat is foiled(no need for smoke when foiled- just heat)
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Do most here use wood and charcoal in the same smoke? I take it that you use wood, then switch to charcoal to finish the smoke. If that's right, is that common to do?

Sorry for my questions that likely seem simple to most. I'm still trying to learn.
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try craigslist they usually have some oak and pecan that blows over and wants someone to cut and haul.i recently found some maple in my area but couldnt there to get it
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It really depends how much wood you have and whether you are willing to burn it when you don't need the smoke. Some people will use charcoal at the beginning as well to get a good bed of coals then add wood just to make it an easier burn.

Back to subject--3RD GENERATION LANGS-----ANYONE ELSE WHO HAS SEEN OR TOUCHED THESE NEW LANGS KEY IN, LET US KNOW! So far, sounds like the steel is all 1/4", even on the tanks!!!
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Thanks Douglas! I'll keep an eye on Craigslist.
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Heard a rumor that there is a heat deflector plate welded under the hot side(right side-just where the flame goes in to the baffle tunnel) of these new cookers to help with even temps? Seems like the same thing I just did with Lumpy!

Can anyone confirm this? As said before, the steel is much thicker, we know that:-)
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Steve, do you have a baffle control from the firebox into the smoke chamber. I do, I didn't know if yours does. I can close my firebox all the way off if I want, and smoke/cook in the warmer if need be, or if it gets to hot, I can turn it right down and vent it out the warmer. Is that the deflector plate. Mine is like a long wide butterfly that can be turned up into or down towards the bottom of the chamber.

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I made up something similar that is manually installed when I want to cook just with the baby over my fire box on my 60, but to answer your question---no, I don't have an adjustable---I believe that one you have is for the deluxe warmer/cooker thing you have so you can force more heat up when you want too?

I heard that there was some added steel sort of like a tuning plate just inside the baffle tunnel to temper the hot spot some---something new ---I guess? That is what i was referring to on Lumpy, I tacked in an extra plate last week.......
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3rd Gen Lang Pics

They are 1/4 inch and heavy as all heck. No baffle on the fire box other than the dual dampers and chimney. This is a mobile 48 and the 6th one produced out of big Nahunta Ga. The 4-week wait was well worth it.... Notice the pigs on the wood holder and the new aluminum mags!
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Very nice rig.
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Where do you live at on the east coast?

If I come across any wood I will let you know if you are close over here.
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Nice unit!

Very nice! If you get a chance, can you shine a lite into the firebox, and take a snapshot of the underneath of the baffle area?

Also, did you mean the 2 firebox vents when you said "dual dampers"?

REAL NICE RIG!!! Thanks for posting!

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Correct. Firebox vents. I'll take some more pics this afternoon.
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Hia Big... be sure to stop into Roll Call forum and make an intro post for us! Welcome to SMF!
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Thanks BC! That was nice of you!

I found a source of wood Friday. Picked up a truck load Saturday. Let me know if you want any oak. One of the local tree services has a large pile of split oak. I'm in Melbourne BC.
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