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My weekend

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Here is the 16.25 brisket I plan to do tomorrow...Weather permitting

and again


rubbed and ready to go. I will inject it tomorrow as I left the kit at other house
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good luck with that i just did a 15.75 lber last weekend for my first brisky it turned out great but i was a walking zonbie the next day
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beautiful piece of meat there, what are you going to inject it with? are you searing? what's the rub??? your killing me smalls...
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Mick, that's going to be one FUN smoke you'll have tomorrow!!! Good luck and can't wait to hear the details of the smoke. Go with the sear, my friend .... either that or I'll do one and send ya some meat for you to taste PDT_Armataz_01_28.gifbiggrin.gif !
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Here are the ribs that are going on with the brisket


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The rub is just the best rib rub from on here and I will inject ith with Tony Chachere creole seasoning stuff. Yummy

Yeh i will prob end up searing it and losing some arm here in the process of turning it
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Fine looking meat you got there brother good luck and please don't forget the q-view !
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Whoa mick, You have some nice pieces of meat there. Lookin foward to the QV. Good Luck with it all.
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Mick thats a big brisket looks like your gonna have a nice long smoke make sure ya got lots of beer and that the camera batteries are good.
I hope the weather is good for you.
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huge freakin brisket, can't wait to see the final on this one
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What Kelley said.
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thats a monster, good luck, cant wait to see the picsPDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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well right now i have the charcoal going and now waiting
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Keep us posted cool.gif

Don't forget the And the wink.gif

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Mick, that is gonna be an awesome smoke!!!!cant wait to see it!!!! have fun...
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Can't wait to see your after pics Mick!cool.gif
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well finally got the monster in my smoker. Sitting here now and the temps are at 95 on brisket and 116 on fattie
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Searing time

Now otherside

in the smoker

Here is the fattie that came close to frying pan last night

Just has scrambled eggs, hash browns and cheese on it.

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Here are ribs before foiling

and again

Here is the fattie that came close to not making it


Now this pic i was trying to get a pic of the thin blue smoke. Not sure if it worked.lol
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well temp on brisket is sitting at 179.
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