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Sundays Smoke.....

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Going a week without some smoke is bad enough...2 weeks woulda been inconcievable.
Today I have 2 racks of BB's, a chuck roast, and a fattie.

BB's: mustard, then rubbed...2-2-1/2 method (or there abouts)

Beef Chuck Roast: injected with Tony Chacheries honey/bacon/BBQ marinade. Outside has my rub and a lil extra garlic and onion powder, black pepper and salt. (Gonna pull for BBQ Beef sammies)

Fattie: Two pounds of ground chuck seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic and onion powder, 1 egg, and about two TBS bread crumbs.
I have red and green peppers, chopped onion, and four blend cheese in the middle.

Everything is in the smoker. I'll have finished Qview pics later.

Have a great Sunday!
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Good going Nick!
I am looking forward to the reviews on the roast! And those pix of the fattie!! YUMMY
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Sounds like some good food gonna be cummin soon..looking forward to finished Q-view..good luck
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Keep up the good work. I love me those Fattys. Got a Blueberry Pancake Fatty on the mini as we speak.
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sounds great. keep us posted
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Here's the Qview of Sundays smoke. I ended up pulling the beef roast off at 145 degrees, let rest, then thin sliced. It was tender and tasted great. The BB's were awesome. I made Jeff's BBQ sauce for them. That's what you see dripped on them. The fattie could have been seasoned a lil bit more but all in all, a good day at the smoker.
Enjoy the pics!
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It all looks good to me, keep up the good work
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Thanks for the great Q view my friend. Now I'll try to forget I ate a tuna sandwich...
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