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friends are when you dont ask why, you just accept it, and thats why my 1894 is awesome. thank you for understanding. man i love this site but i may stop for awile sorry. as soon as i can i will try to get back
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Sounds great, hope you are back soon and I will not ask.....
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1894 if you want i would love for you and the misses to join me, free beer if only we dont screw up the birds. i owe you. free beer
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mossy not a bad thing, just im about to an uncle and to me thats about as good as it can be. i love kids im going be the best uncle
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Come back soon.
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my sister just had a baby boy so maybe i said that wrong, IM AN UNCLE he will be a smoker soon and they dont have a name yet but i think it should be smf thats why my sister thinks im crazy
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Im An Uncle Awesome
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Congratulations UNCLE JOE biggrin.gif

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Talk about serious arm twisting icon_smile.gif
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Congrats, enjoy that new nephew, sounds like he is a very lucky boy to have an uncle like you
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My wife and I had some great tasting chicken last night PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Stopped by in the afternoon and Skinsfan75 had things well under control biggrin.gif
Was either 38 or 48 halves , but I could smell the TBS from over a block away cool.gif A chargriller and a smoke vault churning out beautiful chicks and smoke.
Get back there for the tasty vittles , and then find out he had no qview tool PDT_Armataz_01_15.gif
Shouldn't have listened to my better half , she said " Don't bring the camera , it's his smoke and I'm sure he will take his own qview ."
Some one did get some pics , but when he offered a peek into the smoke vault ,

All I can do is a verbal description ( sorry) but the perfect color on the birds , the thin blue from the apple chunks , and gentle drippings falling from the chix was a picture perfect sight , and the smell that just made your mouth water , even my wife was amazed and wished she had one of her cameras biggrin.gif.
Tastey , tender and juicey MMMMMMMMMmmmmm GOOOOOODDDD
Tell ya what , that there skinsfan is a dang good cook PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

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Congrats Skinsfan!!!! Both on being a new uncle and on your very successful smoke. I could almost taste it from 1894's description. Looking forward to next time when someone has a camera.
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OOOppps , ment to post this in his chicken thread PDT_Armataz_01_04.gif.
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Congrats on being an uncle..............
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Congrads on the Uncle. That is great news. WTG on the great smoke as well. And, hurry back to the forum.
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