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Bye Folks!

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I'm going camping.....hope eveyone has a great week.smile.gif
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WOW! Talk about a shock!

"Bye Folks" brought up a really terrible thought! Whew!

And as far as cool, you had best head way north! Even Vemont is in the nineties on a regular basis lately!

Take care, enjoy and come back with some good stories and pretty pics!

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Oops, sorry Monty!!

I wish I were going north, just camping here in Oklahoma. It should get down to the 90's on Wednesday. WooHoo! smile.gif

I will take lots of pics, not sure about how much cooking I will be doing though. lol I'm mainly going for the night time catfishing.biggrin.gif
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Have a great week, and we look forward to your safe and healthy return!
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Have fun Jeanie. Find yourself a nice cool place, kick back and just relax, and catch alot of cats.
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Thanks rich and Mark!
Ken, Thanks for the advice. I'm going to take plenty of water and an AC for my tent. wink.gif
See ya folks!
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jeanie, have a great time, esp the catfishin!!!! gotta sho some pics of that tent with a/c, thats ruffin it!!!!!LOL and of any big cats!!!
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watch out for chupa cabras,big foot,yetes,sashquach, ufo abductions ect..have a great time also..
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hey cg

get some big cats-got a big one early this a.m. myself...pm me when you get back..stay cool............
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Hope you have fun camping Jeanie! Look forward to seeing some pics of the places you've been when you get back! biggrin.gif
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Hope you have fun and great food.

As Coyote said, watch out. The chupa cabras are REAL FEISTY this time of year! :)

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I went camping last weekend too. It was 103 degrees but I didn't care. This is my tent.
Have fun, Cowgirl!

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NICE TENT !! ! :)

But I see the shadow of a Chupa Cabra :0
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Have fun and good luck with the fishing.
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Hurry back and have fun. I'm sure we will see some of your DO specialties soon.
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I'll be gone Wed to Sunday teaching 3500 scouts all about Dutch oven cooking. Staying in my wall tent with wood stove if it gets cold. Ya right cold on a Rancho Cordova night not gonna happen. I'm bringing my stubby 22 Weber to do a couple fattys and maybe ribs. I cant forget the oven thermometer.
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Think of the smoker you could make out of that chunk of metal, lol.
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sounds like a good time. All I ever make in mine is beans. I guess I need to look beyond the legume.
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Had a nice time camping, didn't catch any monster fish, but I caught a few keepers.
Spent most of my time at this nice little beach. biggrin.gif

Spent a lot of time by the campfire even in the heat. lol I love the smell of wood smoke.

AND...with the help of a stand, grey tape and a trash bag, I stayed pretty cool.......

The AC does have a remote...

It was a nice relaxing week.smile.gif I did do a lot of campfire cooking...will try to post pics of some of it.
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Welcome back Jeanie. Glad you had a good time. I just love the AC hooked up to the tent idea. Will have to try that sometime.
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