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First time brisket

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Hi Folks ! I am about to embark into uncharted waters here! I have never smoked a brisket before (Due to the fact here in Calif they are not easy to come by .) I have smoked just about everything else though . So next weekend I'm going to give it the Ol' college try I've got the basics down. I will be using my ECB water smoker, I will be smoking with mesquite wood for a min. of 14 hours at 220 degrees, I will be cheating and using propane as a heat source ( Yeah I know Boo-hisssss ) But as a good deal of alcohol will most likley be involved during this smoking process, I don't want to have to worry too much about heat control LOL. But I want this to be as close to a real Texas style somked brisket as possible Any sugguestions on what I should do and any good rubs for brisket out there ??

Thanks for your help

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chilli..........is that a ecb gourmet, or the old standard pos?
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To be honest I don't know But if I had to guess ---- the old standart Not sure of the diffrence

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does the body remove from the firepan?
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if not..........check out this link for mods to the ecb

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Yes it does It's a 3in 1 Smoker,grill, and fryer

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oh........one of those..........i have been using the org. ecb's, and the gourmets, for YEARS.......but not one of those.........i was going to offer up some tips..........but can't offer any for that model..........sorry
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Yep that appears to be it
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okay.........you need to do these mods to it, to better control temps


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