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A little Brisket Rub help please

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Newbie planning on smoking my first brisket tomorrow, a whole packer, using the smokyokie method. Looking for some drection on what type of rub to use? My first smoke last week I did Back Ribs with a fairly strong memphis style rub, and I did't care for the way it over powered the meat. So maybe a nice smooth rub that won't overpower? I also loooove bbq sauce, so I will be making two new sauces to try on the side.
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I have used a Memhis Rub on brisket as well as Jeff's Rub. I almost always use Jeff's Rub at this point. If you want a bigger bark, a higher surgar content is the key and don't mop too early. I usually mop around 130-140 once a good bark has formed. I then mop every hour and foil at 165-170. Although 140 to 170 doen't seem like much, you should hit the plateau around the low 150's so you'll spend some time there.

Here's a brisket/flat at 165:

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salt,pepper and galic powder is hard to beat also.
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Dang... that sounds pretty good... I'd swap the oregano for rosemary, but it's a personal pref thing.
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I dont know why but anytime I see basil or rosemary in a recipe for a rub or such I always feel like it wouldnt belong there. You tellin me you dig it Rich?
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With beef I do. just be gentle. Especially if fresh... I use it for pork lion/roast too... sparingly. Well, and poultry of COURSE.
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I think I may just go simple on my first brisket with salt pepper paprika garlic powder and a little onion powder. I hope to do my first q view!
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Yup, simple is good, i have gone back to a lot of the simple rubs.
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kosher salt and fresh cracked black pepper is hard to beat for beef!
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Hope this input isnt too late for ya...I am new to the smokin scene my fourth brisket on smoke right now and have used this rub twice now......the juice it makes provides a great gravy..
1/3 cup brn sugar
1/3 cup blk pepper
as much salt as ya think
as much chili powder as ya think
3 Tbs garlic powder(not salt)
3 Tbs oregano
I incorporate a local market hickory seasoning(as much as u think)
I rub my brisket in advance(up to 24hrs) before goin to smoke.Wrap it in seran wrap and refrigerate.Set it out and let come up to or about room temp before goin on smoke.about an hr or so.I have found(bein new to smokin).That grabbin as many ideas as u can and mixxin some of em together and makin em ur own works for the best rubs for ur taste.....good luck
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PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif I don't know about advice; but just pepper and garlic works for beef. I use a commerical rub that I get at the Traeger's dealer here in Sedalia, MO. It was so good the first time I decided not to change. I just put the mustard on and spread it then sprinkle the rub on both sides and wrap it tightly in plastic wrap and put in the bottom of the fridge for 2 days; bring to room temp and then smoke at 220 or so until over 145 deg and double foil and put in the oven until 195 and take out and rest. I cheat and do it a day or so before I need it. I plan on doing a couple and freezing them afterwards. Then I will thaw one out and try it. If it works I'll do several and keep them on hand?
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Not smoker related but...

For Christmas Dinner, I usually will do one, sometimes two, beef tenderloins on a rotisserie. (You'd be amazed at how well a dirt cheap Popeil electric rotisserie can cook a tenderloin). They get kosher salt and fresh ground pepper, and nothing else.

People always rave about the beef. I always tell them that the cow did all the work.

Of course, I'm not pairing flavors with smoke, nor am I trying to form a bark, so your mileage may vary.
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Here is a rub recipe that came out of an old Texas meat market.

25 lbs Salt
1 lb Chili Powder
2 lbs Sugar
3 lbs Coarse Ground Black Pepper
1 lb Garlic Powder

Combine all ingredients and store in an airtight container. Rub on meats before barbecuing.

From: Legends of Texas Barbecue Cook Book
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