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Country Style Ribs W/ QVIEW

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Sliced pork butt bone in. I got a couple out of the freezer last night and rubbed them with Tender Quick for a cure. This AM I rinsed them and wrapped in fridge till I got home tonight. Here they are all rubbed and ready for the smoker.

I rubbed them with Yoshidas marinade, garlic powder, brown sugar, and lemon pepper.

Into the smoker at 220 for now with hickory and apple.

Got some elcheapo baked beans below to catch the drippings, yum.

Not sure how they will be cured as this is the fitst time curing them.

As always, I'll post as I go.

Thanks for watching the QVIEW!

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Good luck Ron.
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can't wait

This looks good brah! can't wait for the review.
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They look great starting out! I am sure your q-vue will be tre-excelant!
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Well , after a couple of hours they reached the 160' mark. I spritzed them with Apple juice and triple sec.

I foiled them and just waiting, I'll probably sear them soon to render off some fat.

Then I added some 4 mexican cheese blend along with some swiss for good measure to the beans.

I''ll stir that in in a while.

Thanks for watching!
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Looks awesome Ron can't wait for the finished Qview
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How long you cure?
Sounds like you made thick ham steaks.
Look forward to the finale......cool.gif
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I was wondering the same thing. About 12 hours. I might have, made thick ham steaks, will know soon Bubba. I guess it doesn't matter if wife likes them. I'll post the results soon, I have the Weber fired up as we speak for a sear.
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No, 12 hrs isint long enough to cure through....
Probably still taste a lil hammy though.
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I'll tell you in a few, on the Weber now for searing.
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A little hammy yes. But still not bad depends on wife, but will probably skip the cure next time. The cure did work all the way through. Heres some pics:

Before the sear.

Moped with Lone Steer BBQ

Beans with cheese.

After The sear.

Cured to the bone.

Very good, but wouldn't probably cure agian. Like BUBBA said hammy. I don't know though I just had another bite, and wowser it is great!!

I will just have to decide again. Undecided at this time.

Thanks for watching!!
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dang ron!!! that there procedure looks like a keeper!!! if they taste as good as they look man they must be good!!! like your side as well. great job!!!
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Thanks, Erain!!
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Great looking stuff there RonPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif Just got back from lunch but that's making me hungry again. Good job
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Looks great Ron PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif I would try skipping the cure next time then decide which is better good reason to do it again soon biggrin.gif
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Nice Job Ron
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NICE! I like the baked bean idea, especially with the cheese add on. I'll have to try that with the next butt smoke.
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yep, real nice looking!!
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Well I usually do them without the cure. Just got the verdict from wife, very good, but said she would take them either way, all are good.PDT_Armataz_01_15.gif

Thanks, I was thinking about posting my recipe for my ECBB. El Cheapo Baked Beans. icon_idea.gifsmile.gif I like to save money so I have been doing the beans this way forever for about half price.
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I just steamed it and it was great, will be doing it again. Hammy a little, yes but with the sear it was good.
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