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seared brisket w/QVIEW

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was gonna originally gonna do a brisket this weekend but then had to cover at work today so ended up nixing that plan, after work went to market and this flat just jumped in my cart, there wasnt a thing i could do about it... so now i got a full brisket in my freezer and this nice flat. scored the fat side

and rubbed in horseradish sauce, not sure how this gonna be but cant be bad...

started coals in weber,rinsed briskit off and dried and took to weber to sear

and sear some more!!!

put on some of jeffs rub and then into the smoker

this gonna be an overniter so final pics tommrow. thks
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Looks like that's gonna be a good one Erain. Great pics., especially the fourth one. Flame on!! biggrin.gif
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Looks great so far. Can't wait to see the final results.

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I am a firefighter and those searing flames scared me..eek.gif

something good to wake up to..enjoy yer time off...
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good looking sear my friend-did u take it to burnt?-close?horsey sauce sounds good.
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Looks very good so far, I'm very interested to see how this works on just a flat. I have a great point in the freezer and was thinking about trying that with a sear. In fact, it's the first point I have ever seen in the store so, like you, it jumped in my cart. I usually just do flats but haven't seared one yet.
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Looks like an awesome start, can't wait to see the finished product, but pretty sure I won't make it through the night with you!
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Erain..I'm going to have to mail you some tongs with longer handles biggrin.gif. Your off to a great start, looking forward to the finish icon_smile.gif.
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you betcha i did bob, and mebe a little more, burnt the heck outa the fat side and was a little easier on the lean side. all i know that thing smells xlent. still havent decided on slice or pull.
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I'm not a fan of the sear, but if you are going to, please use some protection for your hands and arm man. That pic was more then scary.
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Ya buddy better break out the welder gloves-NOT-I know u better-fine tuned machine
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I love the seared brisket method, and pic 3 just looks like plain old fun !!! Great pics erain !!!
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You Rock!!

Erain, what a start to a great looking brisket! Great looking sear and I'm especially interested in the sear-then-rub method that I heard Rich and Bob use, and I see you tried as well PDT_Armataz_01_29.gif

I'll be keeping an eye on the thread to see more pics. Good luck buddy! You're off to a great start!! biggrin.gif
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Looking great so far.
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Erain.... Looks great.
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Nice Erain. Looking forward to the final product.
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Lookin great so far erain!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Sorry I missed this. Great sear Im sure it will be great, specially with the horseradish.

Good luck my friend. Let's see the finished deal.
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Looking good erain!
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My brisket buddy!!

That looks awesome!! your gonna be posting pix right about when I am gonna go far a combat nap!!
I love the horseradish...yummy....Im glad you didn't catch yourself on fire!! lol!! talk with ya ltr!!
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