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Howdy From Arkansas

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Looks like there's a ton of great information here! I'm a relative novice to using a smoker. I've been through a couple of the little electric ones, but fried the last one when a thunderstorm blew up suddenly! Lots of water and the plugs didn't mix well.

So, I grabbed an lp smoker recently. It's a Kenmore, but looks almost exactly like the GOSM. I seasoned it today and plan on filling it with a pork butt, sausage and chicken tomorrow. If the weather holds!

Obviously, the pork will take longer than the chicken. Do you folks usually put everything in at the beginning and then just remove the chicken first? Or start the pork, then add the chicken a couple of hours later so everything gets done at about the same time?

Looking forward to contributing!
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It totally depends on when you want to eat it!! IMHO, pork butts should be "rested" in foil and wrapped in a blanket for at least an hour after you pull it off the grill and longer if possible. There are lots of threads here at SMF on that subject.

Chicken and sausage don't require resting so time your meal accordingly. Don't forget that with a GOSM or equivalent you will get a "smoke window" when the cast iron smoke box gets hot enough to generate smoke. You don't want to miss this window or you will need to do more smoke chips, possibly affecting the other meats.

Also, a vertical smoker will cook faster on the lower racks and slower on top. Keep your biggest meat low and your small stuff high and they will cook at a slightly different rates.

Bottom line is, I rarely put different types of meat in the smoker at the same time. I know lots of people do it but I just focus on one thing at a time and try to do it right.

Good luck and welcome to the SMF! It's a great group of smokaholics and we're all anxious to help. Just ask!

Happy smokin'
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Welcome to SMF! Glad you joined. As a novice, you should consider signing up for Jeff's free 5-day ecourse. It's well worth the time.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Signed up already! Thanks!
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Cool! Enjoy the journey!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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welcome from Nothern Indiana.................
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Welcome to the smf.............Always great to have new members here..........
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Welcome to the world of smoke..all you ever need to know can be found here best forum on smokin this side of heaven....I'm guessing on that as I've not been there yet??????????

Word of CAUTION....NEVER..NEVER..NEVER..DID I FORGET TO SAY NEVER ..Cook Chicken on top of other meats...Did I forget to say NEVER.
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I figured I wouild put the pork on the lower shelves, then add the chickin on the upper ones later. Pics will follow!
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Welcome Doug. I use vertical smoker and i put ribs on top and chicken on the bottom. Seems to work out OK. Good luck.
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Welcome to the forum Dougk55!
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Welcome to SMF. This is THE place to be.
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Greetings Doug!
Happy smokes!
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On Top

Guess I'll be shuffling the pork butt up before I put the chicken in this afternoon. Makes sense! Thanks!
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