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Newbie in Mass

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Hi all,

Stumbled upon this site in my first searches around the web for good, quality advice on learning the ropes on smoking, so I figured I'd join. I've been going at it for a couple weeks now with some nice pairs of babybacks and two pork shoulders last weekend during the 4th for some really good pulled pork. Got interested through my brother who was living down in texas for about 5 years and just moved up to maryland, so I can't wait to try a good beef brisket!

I'm starting on a typical Brinkman charcoal vertical water smoker which has done pretty good so far - I replaced the bottom charcoal tray with the bottom of my smokey joe for a bigger dish with better ventilation and a bottom vent. Just switched the legs of the smoker to the outside and it fits right over it, which is great to pick up and move if I need to tend to the heat. Has anyone ever done that? I'd recommend it. Anyways, looking to learn a lot!
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Welcome to SMF from a fellow Mass. smoker (Saugus) This is truly the friendliest place on the net for smoking/grilling info. Glad you found us and good luck.biggrin.gif
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Welcome to the forum nojho, glad to have you here.
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Welcome to SMF! Enjoy the forums!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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another ecb user

Glad you found us and decided to become part of the SMF family! There are many users on the site that have either the exact same smoker, or a similar one, and it's fondly referred to as an ecb (a little smoking meat lingo for ya!).

As an ecb owner myself, do you mind posting a pic of the mod you made to yours in a separate thread? Lots of great information on ecb mods to the site and it sounds as if yours will be another helpful tip.

Welcome to SMF! biggrin.gif
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Welcome to SMF!
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Welcome to the site nojho, from another smoker from MA (N. Andover) This is a great place to play and learn.
post #8 of 11 finally found us....great smokes to ya and welcome.
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Welcome - Its a great place to learn the art of smoking.
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Greetings Nojho!
You have landed at the greatest forum on the planet for smokin'
Don't forget to try Jeffs is yummy!!
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Greeting from Montana. You won't find a more knowledgeable and friendly bunch of people, than the fine folks here. I have learned so much since I joined. My family is definately glad I found this site.
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