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For Those Planning Their First Butt Smoke . . .

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Seems like there was a fair number of us doing our first butts this weekend. I was one of them and I must say, I made a critical mistake that I don't want those of you who have not done a butt yet to repeat.

What was that critical mistake you ask? Well . . . I only did one -- a little 5 pounder!! biggrin.gif We finished it off yesterday.icon_sad.gif Would have been gone on Sunday except we went out to dinner with friends.

I imagine the old experienced hands didn't warn me about this ahead of time because it is probably second nature to them.

So . . . if you're planning on doing your first butt sometime in the near future, do at least 10 pounds wink.gif . You won't regret it!biggrin.gif I know my next butt smoke will be at least that much!!!

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lol you wouldn't a belived that it would go that fast now would you.
I never do just 1 butt anymore biggrin.gif
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Glad your first butt turned out well, at least you started small and determined that you enjoyed it!! Now when you go to do a larger piece of butt, you know what to expect and can expect the plateaus and precious time it takes to make those things taste so good!!

Great job PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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That's a good problem to have if you're going to have problems, biggrin.gif
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must be on the same wave today drowz....picked up my first today.....8lbs she is a doozy, been researchin and got all my duckies in a row cant wait to fire it up!!!!!!
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Yeah, and the best part is, although my wife had been a little resentful about the amount of time it takes to smoke things, she LOVED the pulled pork. I mean she was RAVING about it.

I see more butt smokes in my future . . . and a more supportive attitude from my wife!wink.gifbiggrin.gif

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I did my first pulled pork today too, and my wife was the same way, she loved it. I think she wants me to make it for every cookout forever.
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You can never have too much smoked meat around! LOL!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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I'm doing my first 2 today..almost 19 pounds worth. They were in the smoker for 6 hours when they hit close to 165 degrees. They are now wrapped and in a 250 degree oven. There was about a 2 and a 1/2 hours plateau and now they are at about 185 degrees. These things take TIME but man does the house smell good now ! These are being done for a big BBQ/party saturday. I'll have full Qview after the party.
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When I did my first 2 small ones I was lucky and had a little left over. The wife made me a pulled pork quesadilla and man that was the best.
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Guys cook plenty then vacuum seal it into meal sized bags and throw it in the freezer it makes great quick meals and freezing doesn't hurt the taste at all. I'll bet the wife would appreciate the quick meals and you'll score some points and eat very well biggrin.gif
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Piney is right, here's an example of leftover brisket and veggies I put under the brisket during the smoke. These have been frozen in vacuum sealed bags. Still taste great and the meat is still moist. I didn't add anyhing to the brisket, that's the way it came out of the bag......not a hint of freezer burn. as you can see, they haven't been in there a long time by the date on the bag. I think 6 months is the longest I've gone...still no problems.

This was being used in an Asian stir fry we like to do with brisket. I always try and smoke too much as leftovers are great and easy when time is an issue. I'll probably post a thread on the Asian stir fry thing tomorrow.

Here's the dinner with a first attempt at a smoked artichoke...need to work on that though.

P.S. the english muffins just happen to be in the picture and have nothing to do with dinner, LOL.
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Piney hit it right on the head! Easy to store left overs... hard to make more for folks if ya run out!!

a spread for one of our get togethers here at the Busted Luck hangout--

another one

another one

another one

go big...
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I have to agree. Did my first last Saturday and just finished the leftovers last night. icon_sad.gif

Will be doing 2 the next time for sure. Smoking takes so much time that you might as well fill up the smoker and go big.

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What's the best way to heat that back up after being in the freezer?
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Walking Dude told me to try a rice steamer I went and got one and it works great. Any type of steamer should work. Some people just put the whole bag into water on the stove and heat it that way. Some microwave it. Some put it in a pan with some sauce and warm it that way. If doing a large amount try putting it into a roasting pan mix a little more finishing sauce cover with foil and put in the oven at about 250*. So many ways you just gotta figure which way you like the best.
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If you do not have a foodsaver or similar type of product, go and get one. It pays for itself very quickly if you shop at Costco/Sam's Club and is truly the best way to store leftover smoked meat. Like other posters have said, seal it into meal sized portions and freeze it. I just had some beef chuck yesterday that I had frozen in a foodsaver bag. I simply put it in a pan of boiling water for 10 minutes, cut the bag open and enjoyed a nice smoked beef sandwich topped with Jeff's sauce. It really is amazing how well meat stores in foodsaver bags.
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Second biggest mistake not enough time. Most Shoulders or Butts are used as pulled pork and people don't leave a long enough cooling time on their first try.-------Rat
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