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Need some help on times!

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I am cooking an 8 lb beef top butt roast. At least that is what I think it is. I is choice angus and in a cryovac. The neighbor works at a food warehouse and one of the drivers gave it to him. It has a small fat cap on the bottom and is round like a ball, not flat. Anyway, I plan to cook the interior to 135 and slice for sandwiches. How long do you anticipate it will take to get to 135 inside. As always, thanks in advance for all your help.

Note: I would take a pic but my wife has the camera in her purse and she is out shopping. Thanks again.
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I am a newbie as well, but I think you need to cook the roast to a higher temp so the fat will render and you will end up with a juicer finished product. Someone else may correct me and please do if I am wrong. I am thinking closer to 170-180 on the roast though.
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Depends a heck of a lot at what temp you are cooking at.
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I plan on cooking it at 250 degrees
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If smoking at 225-250* I would think around an hour to and hour and a quarter per pound. 135* is going to be a little toward the rare side but sliced thin should be good. Are you going to sear it first?
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If you want rare pull at 135, Medium 140 145. 170 - 180 will be overdone and possibly be dry.

Depends on what you want.

Good luck!
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I need it cooked and sliced by 7:00 pm which gives me 4 hours. How hot do I need my smoker for that timeline? THanks for all your help.
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I'm sure Walking Dude will be along real soon to tell you exactly how long to cook that thing. heheheheheheheheh lol!
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Don't forget to add time for it to rest after pulling off pit and before slicing. Someone else (or you possibly may know) can give you a time on that.
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hmm under 4 hours my suggestion would be the best deli I could find open and save the 8 lb'er for when I could take my time and do it right. Maybe do a couple fattys instead
post #11 of 15 be done and rested by should of started alot have also maybe figure in a stall........
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I dropped the ball today. I wasn't thinking it would take to long to get to 135.
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Sliced fattys would be good and still fit your time frame. Dingle's shrimp parm would work well and still allow time to get all the fixings biggrin.gif
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temp is up to 125 and neighbors are okay with eating closer to 8:00. it gives everyone a little more time to drink. I hope these last 10 degrees don't stall.
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If you get into trouble you can always finish on a hot grill. You are close now.

Just an idea!
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