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i got a problem

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well the problem that i have is i have made a lot of butt for my work to surve tomorrow at a party we are havening well i just got a phone call saying can you get any more ........i got a 3 pound pork rost in the freezer ......can i put that in the crack pot and then over night then pull it good in the morning and soke it good in the pain drippings good and mix it in with the other smoked butt ?
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It might work with the juices and the crock pot.....or you might just tell them at work that pulled pork doesn't just magically's a long process and not one that takes well to short notices....wink.gif

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You could but it sure won't be like the real stuff and will only serve as a filler and take away from all the work you've done making it awesome. I'd go to the store and buy more and pull another all nighter before messing up the great job you've already done but thats just me.
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You could, but it's not going to taste the same as the ones which were smoked. I'm not sure if the drippings from the others would have any effect deeper than the surface. What I would do is just do it in the crockpot on the philosophy that bringing it probably would be better than not bringing enough meat.
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No mercy!!!
Holy cow 7/10!! I say go for it, however I don't know all that much about a crock pot. I would toss it in a pot of boiling water for a few hours, with a can of chipotle chilis, 1 onion 1/4rd and some kosher salt...then pull it into carnitas size pieces then bake in the oven @ 400 till a little crisp say 30-40 mins....but you might not have that kind of time, perhaps you could bake it from the crock pot in the am?? sorry I am not of more help! you worked so hard!
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I would do that. If you can get some liquid smoke and use the drippings
that should work.

Some times cheating will get you out of a pinch.

Good luck!!
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ok what im going to do is i got my smoker going heating up and i got the rost in defrost and i am going to smoke the reost for 2-3 hours and then put in the crock pot and let it go ........should i run my smoker a little hotter ? 275 maby
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i dont got a lot of time becouse i have to sleep i still am not cought up from me butt athone
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7 that might help get as much smoke into it as you can then consider double foiling and into the oven at 250* with a temp probe in it and the reciever by the bed. Mrs 7 will probably be glad to shove you out of bed when it goes off biggrin.gif

I wouldn't go over 275* tho
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ok the meat is on the smoker
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hey 7 did ya throw a fatty or two on there toooo
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i have never done a fatty .....
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