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1st attempt at a brisket

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I'm new here and new to smoking. Last week I tried a port butt roast that turned out awsome. My wife informed me after her 3rd meal of pulled pork that she likes brisket better. So off the store we went. I got a 12 pounder from our Kroger store. Our babysitter wanted in on the smoke, so she bought an 11 pounder at Wal-mart. The first pic is what they look like out of the wrapper. Mine is on the right. The second pic is what they look like rubbed. They are in the fridge now. I plan on putting them in the smoker tomorrow morning around 5 or 6. Depends on when my 4 month old gets up.
Might have to throw some ABT's on there and of course some fatties. My buddies at work cannot get enough of those.
I will keep the qview going all day tomorrow. Wish me luck. Sure hope I don't screw this up.
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Looks like a great start and I'll look forward to the Qview. Heres a link to check out for a quick refresher

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You wont need it those brisket will turn out just fine! can't wait to see the final q-vue!!
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Just follow the instructions on this site, you won't go wrong !

Good Luck!!
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I hope today gets better. I went out at 630 and put them on. Then back out a few minutes later to check something and noticed that I was out of propane. Went to get bottle number 2 and it was nowhere to be found. Seems my mother in law who lives right across the alley borrowed it without my knowledge. icon_evil.gif
I stuck them in the grill on low until 8 when I could get more propane. Well, I have read here that some people sear the brisket first. I did this time, but not on purpose. Had flames shooting out of the grill in no time!
So now the briskets are back in the smoker where they should be. Is it too early for a beer? Sheez
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It's 5 o'clock some where, right?
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Beer and Bbq go together like peanut butter and jelly.....no matter what time it is. Good luck with the smoke and we'll be looking forward to the q-vue.
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What????? As long as you're smokin - you can have a beer. Don't care about the efin time!!!! I think thats why everyone does allnighters..... can justify drinkin the whole time. Oh, by the way, I'm not married - just do what I want without any lip.

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More photos. The first one was taken when I put them on the smoker. The second was hours later when they hit 160. It is close to 1pm now and they are almost to 170 ready to foil.
Please let me know if I am doing anything wrong. This is my first attempt at brisket.
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Look good so far, relax and have another cold one biggrin.gif
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Looking good I agree have another beer and relax your doing great
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Just foiled them. Forgot to take pics of that. Too hot outside I guess, and no beer yet. I have to go get the kids from daycare soon. After that I might have 1 or 6!

I did not notice a great deal of crispy bark at this stage. I did mop it down a few times during the smoke. Is that bad? They were dripping with juices when I pulled them out. I plan on keeping them in until around 200, then in a cooler wrapped in towels for an hour or so, then pull them for sandwiches. Sound about right?
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Sounds perfect to me should be great eats
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Sounds good. One reason why you may not have a lot of bark on is if you start mopping too early. End of the day, it will still taste great as taste is the main goal, looking good is a bonus.
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Sounds good to me. Just got back home and the backyard smells great! It is up to 190 now. Won't be long!
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Sharing my adapted Dr. BBQ/ Paul Kirk method

here ya go, competition brisket:

Bring your pit up to 235. Trim the fat to 1/4 inch thickness. Mark the flat end by making an end cut purperdictular to the grain. Slather with mustard and sprinkle with rub. Insert probe into meat. At 165 - 170 remove the point and foil the flat. When th flat hits 195 - 200 remove the foil and reserve and defat the juice. Place the flat back on for 30 to 40 minutes to crust up again. Make a sauce using defatted juice and BBQ sauce. Slice flat into 1/4 inch slices and paint lightly with sauce. The point is for bark. Serve bark and slices.

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Nice job photo. When the wife is happy things are good.
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Hmm I suspect a case of the napies. That brisket probably came out great and he ate so much he had ta take a nap and we gotta wait till he wakes for that final Qview biggrin.gif
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My thoughts exactly...
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Well, it came out ok. Not great though. Tender enough, but it tastes a lot like roast beef according to the wife. Going to add some sause and see what it tastes like. I pulled it. Will take a pic and post more after supper. I'll do things different next time. Like make sure I have gas before I start.
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