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Brisket smoke - day in advance

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Ok, so I know its not ideal... but I'm having a bbq tomorrow (saturday) at 5:00 and I am smoking my briskets now (started at 1:00pm today-Friday). I have a 7lb and an 11lb... the 7 should be done soon and the 11 will probably be done around 3:00 am.

What's the best approach to keeping it fresh and tender? My plan is to wrap it in foil when it reaches 185 and stick it in the fridge. Then I will throw it in the oven tomorrow around 4:00pm at 220 for about 40 minutes and then carve it. Is this the best approach?

Advice appreciated, I don't have much experience.
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Stop by roll call and tell us a little about yourself and your smoker its kinda a tradition around here, but welcome to SMF and try clicking on this link for some info on reheating the brisket

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Welcome aboard, if I might make a suggestion. Once it's done, foil it and place it in a cooler for an hour or two so that the juices redistibute. Once you've done that, then place it in the frig.

I've done the same thing and brisket is probably/can better the next day anyway. So, take them out tomorrow and let them sit at room temp for an hour or two. Keep them in the foil. Put them in the oven at 250 or so and keep a thermo in them until they get back to 165-185. This may take a few hours so plan accordingly. It's better to get done early than late. If you're early, same thing, but wrap them in a towel with the foil still on and back into a cooler until you're ready to eat.

One important thing to remember, when you slice it, cut across the grain of the meat, not with it. It will be more tender.

Good luck and let us know how it goes.
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Thanks for the advice, I am doing what you said... wrapped them both in foil and back in the oven till they reach a good temp.

I messed up a little on the 11lb one, when I unwrapped it this morning the foil was stuck to the fat and pulled part of it off so it looks less than great. Just going to make the best of it at this point.
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Don't worry about it. Nobody wants to eat the fat anyway. End of the day, it's more about how it tastes than how it looks. You'll be fine.
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dumb ? from a newbie

When you say "cook it to 190, do you mean the internal temp of the brisket. Some say wrap in foil and cook to 200 after that. How long does this usually take?


Brisket Virginicon_sad.gif
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It varies I am doing two briskets today one is now at 197* and foiled gonna take it to 200* and have pulled beef. The other is still stuck at 162* when it gets to 170* I will foil it and take it to 190* and slice it. Both briskets were started at the same time and the thicker one did not hit a plateau while the thinner one did.

Sorry for the derail
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