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New in Colorado

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Hi to all. I am new to the Science of Smoking and this site is the reason my first smoke was a success! Smoked a fatty, ribs, shoulder and hot dogs. If you haven't smoked a hot dog you have to try it the kids went nuts for them! I got my smoker for free from a family friend. It was a horizontal barrel grill. Looks to be professionally made and I just converted it to a smoker by doing a few mods to it that I found on these forums. Lowered the charcoal tray to 7". Fabbed an air intake with a damper where the original bung screwed into the barrel top which is now on the side/bottom. Fabbed a smokestack from a piece of 3" pipe and built a damper for it as well. Cut out a section of the cooking surface so I could work the fire. Next up is designing an offset firebox and fabbing that up so I can use all the cook surface to smoke. Thanks to all.
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Welcome to the forum! Would love to see pictures of your smoker.
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Welcome Matt. I lived in the Springs for 4 years before moving to the cess pool to the north. I really miss having the mountains within a 20 minute drive instead of at least 45 mins if I don't hit traffic. Anyway, great group of folks here and don't be shy about any questions you might have or anything you might contribute. No snobs on this board :)
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Welcome aboard from another in CO. I'm in Littleton and love it. Good group of folks here .
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Welcome to the forum from the western slope! Make sure to post pics of your smokes. We all like Qview.
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Welcome Matt. You've found the right place for smokes.
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Welcome to SMF! Enjoy the forums!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Welcome to SMF, Matt! Sounds like a cool project ya have going... post some pix!
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Welcome Matt...I am in Colorado also! This is a nice place to be :)
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welcome to smf matt, sounds like you got things rolling. share a smoke with some qview!!!
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Would love to post pics but they are all too big! Usually my cell phone pics will post but not these. Sorry. Matticon_evil.gif
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PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif Happy Smoke Rings from Sedalia, MO and Semper Fi for the first fattie. Need pictures, receipes, and comments from the troops.
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