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Kyote Slaw

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here is a slaw recipe that myself and friends have enjoyed for years. It is anti mayo lol. never have warmed up to the mayo ones.

Bring to A boil and cool.
1/2 cup vinegar
1/2 cup H2o
1 cup sugar
1 teaspoon mustard seed

now combine 2 cups of H2o, 1 tablespoon salt and pour over 1 quart of shredded cabbage (I use both the red and green) and 1 pimiento chopped, let stand for an hour are more.
Then drain cabbage and add 3 stalks of celery chopped fine and 1 green bell pepper chopped fine. then incorperate the vinegar mixture.
room temp or cold taste good.
I use it as a side and also dump a spoon full on the sammies..
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Lil different twist.
I like the non mayo ones for picnics and tailgating.
Don't need to worry about, well you know.

I'll try it this weekend.
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Sounds like a winner. I'll try it next time I do a pulled pork smoke, thanks for the recipe.
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Man, another thing to put on my To Do list. ...thanks for the recipe!
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sounds interesting,i'll try it.

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That's the one I think I have been looking for.

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Thanks for the recipe. I'm giving this one a whirl with Splenda, since sugar's off my list.

Diabetes sucks when you're a food addict. Fortunately, no carbs in meat, right?
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Buck wheezer..
Diabetes is not good as you know..I am glad you are always in great spirits about life and you crack me up with your bits of wisdom and out look on what others do.
my grand dad had it all his life. used the needle every day I guess. he passed on in the 1950s. and an 11 year old little comes to my home often to play with my daughters. we have a special place in the fridge for her things and have special eats just for her. bless her little heart.

I am glad you think you will enjoy this side..It is pretty good..
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