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Hello from Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

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I joined this site a couple of days ago but didn't have time to say hello. Well, I'm stuck in my house for curfew so what a better time? I bought a widebody GOSM last week and have already put it to use. I'm an engineer so I can't wait to do my own modifications! Anyhow, hello and thanks for having such a great site.
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Hey Mate, welcome to the smf. STop by the chat sometime lotsa friendly folk in there

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Welcome to the forum! Curfew!?!? You in the mess in Iowa?
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Welcome to the SMF from another Iowan.....I'm just a short hop west of you in Tama. Been watching all the mess you guys are dealing with in CR and Iowa City.....keeping fingers crossed that this week will stay pretty dry so some of this dang water can go away!

Hope you are doing OK over there, and we're glad to have you on board here.

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Big mess. I have to show my license in order to get to my house. Once I am there, I have to stay there after 8:00 pm and can't leave until 7:00 am. If I'm not at my house to let them in during the inspection, they will kick my door in to gain access.
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So are you on the other side of the Iowa River? Have you avoided any flooding?
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welcome to SMF from neighbor from mn, great people on this site looking to help one another. share some smokes with qview!!!
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Holy cow batman!
I hope everything chills there soon....we will be praying for you....
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I appreciate all prayers. When you are in your home grabbing everything of value you sort of jump to this whole new level of faith. It's totally undescribable when you see it sucking up and destroying your neighbor but skipping you. I have yet to get my mind wrapped around it.
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Welcome aboard and hang in there. It's not fun but as someome who has been in some situations, it could always be worse. I know that's not helping but perspective is a lot in a bad situation.
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Welcome to the SMF, and congrats on the GOSM. Your smoker won't need a whole lot of mods... but it makes it fun!
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You are absolutely right. I need to just take a deep breath and be thankful for what I have. It could be so much worse.
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Hey A2K78! I hope things are getting better up there for ya. We may work for the same company. The guys up there have sent down lots of pictures and videos, unbeleiveable. I hope your house is ok. You're going to enjoy the forum, lots of freindly and knowedgeable people here.
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A2K78, Hope everone is OK and everyone will get back to normalcy soon. Our Guard Unit got activated Sat. to help out. Good Luck
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The Iowa river runs just south of town...we can't leave town that way because it's flooded. They built a barrier to keep water out of town after '93, so Tama is basically dry. It's still a trick to get around tho.....lot of roads closed yet.

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Thinking of you guys

Hey, welcome to the site. Another Iowan here. Will be praying for all those that are affected by the floods. I'm lucky over here in Huxley. Haven't had the trouble. By the way I am a new owner of a gosm. I have had a great time with the mods. When I get one done I'm looking to the next one I can do. Enjoy. You being an engineer, I am looking forward to hearing about your mods. I'm always looking to tweak more.

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Welcome to the smf...............Glad to have you here..................
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PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif Welcome from Sedalia, MO. I just talked to another Ex-Marine at Tama, IA and he said it looked tough in Cedar Rapids. I used to drive through there a lot. Stay dry and Happy Smoke Rings and tell those Indians no more Rain Dancing.
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Welcome to SMF!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Welcome to the forum.
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