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my first smoked spare ribs plus first abt's - qview

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Pretty much everything I do is a first here, I cut my spare ribs st.louis style using the following video :-

Then I covered them in mustard and let them sit overnight in italian dressing, next day gave them a dusting with a rub and put in the smoker at 225F, did something like a 2.5-2-45mins.

I did plan on doing 3-2-1 which I'd read up on and I'm glad I reduced the time (Thanks Piney and others in chat!) as I think they would have been very dry, 2-2-1 next time for me as I would like them more moist than they turned out.

Just put some of these in the smoker after reading all the good stuff about them, did mine a little different just for fun. Cream cheese with chives and onion, rolled up a slice of prosciutto in each one and wrapped in peppered bacon. I broiled one side of the bacon a little and wrapped them broil side in....

Edit:Out of the smoker and ready for the oven, no pics post oven sorry. They tasted great and I really like the combo I used, next time I'd like the peppers a little softer though so maybe a little longer in the oven. Just for convenience more than anything, the firmness of them forced the filling out when biting in, or I could just eat them whole :)

Currently have chicken pieces in a brine so that's tomorrow sorted :)
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Looks good

I'm giving ribs a try for the first time this Sunday. I like that video. It's a good one. I've watched it several times and will watch it another time or two before I go to carving.

Good job. Looks real good!
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matt..........spritz em well, before foiling...........will help keep em moist
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Congrats on your first I'm sure it won't be your last PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Don't forget some Qview of the ABT's
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Helluva nice lookin first try! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looks greaat !!!!!!!
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Nice smoke.. Got any pics of the smoker in action??

I know this goes against what others preach here.. But for Me I get Super moist ribs by leaving the ribs whole.. Do not cut them in the Saint Louie style.
I'm not looking for any pull back, I just want nice moist meat.
Don't get me wrong you can get moist ribs with the St. Louie style cut. For me it just seems easier for new folks to get a more consistent smoked moist rib leaving them whole.
I cook them both ways and Love them both ways.. Just tossing a different way out there to try if your having trouble smoking a moist rib.
As I gained experience I started smoking more ST.Louie cuts and they come out real good now. No shame in leaving the Rib whole to smoke it if you want.. Again JMO...
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I have another rack in the freezer and I think I'll try untrimmed next time. I'm just trying out all different meats and cuts, chicken about to go in now so I'll get some pics during smoke. Thanks for the advice.
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