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An evening to myself

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OK, the significant other has plans without me tomorrow night (wedding--thank goodness I don't have to go!) and I am going to take the time to do a smoke for 1 in her absence (any one else ever do that around here?). I have a lot of options in the freezer but couldn't pass up some spare ribs that were on sale at the market on the way home from work tonight (typical friday night beer run along with a check of the meat section to look for stuff to smoke).

So, recommendations? Do I do them up St. Lois Style or go for pure gluttony and leave them untrimmed? It's a huge rack--who doesn't like a huge rack. biggrin.gif Even trimmed, I'd smoke up the tips and brisket for some tasty little snacks, but wanted to know what folks here would do if they had an evening to themselves and a huge rack of spareribs? Majority doesn't rule, but input appreciated as always.
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If'n it was me, I'd trim StL and snack on the trimmins till the ribs were done. Maybe reduce the recipe and make some of Dutch's beans for one!
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Leave them untrimmed, savor the meaty goodness those ribs have to offer, intact!!!

Anxious to see the next posts that come in .. PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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lol....an evening by myself. I'd go for the full rack, untrimmed, a cold beverage and I might even splurge on a paper plate, but probably would eat them over the sink or outside watching the sunset.biggrin.gif

Steve, go for your absolute favorite way to eat them, can't wait to see what you come up with.
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Oh hell, what a question; go for the Gluttony! Too much of anything is just enough...
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PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif Steve it sounds like she is supposed to be a "Cheerleader" for the troops. You've got her trained well. I supposed you like to go shopping also? A wise old hunter once told me, " A man is entitled by birth to one good woman and one good dog; and I've had a good dog." This was just after my second divorce? PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif Semper Fi
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Ice down your fav beer, smoke the ribs. Kick back and chow down and then call an old friend and tell him how good you got it for the next few hours.
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ifin you were closer wouldnt matter much how ya did'em but you wouldnt be alone for long.....be a pack of members beatin your door down just cause we wouldnt want you to have to eat alone after a good smoke.......
BE THE KING....and make them your way........icon_smile.gif
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[quote=Seboke;207468]If'n it was me, I'd trim StL and snack on the trimmins till the ribs were done. Maybe reduce the recipe and make some of Dutch's beans for one![/quote]

Don't believe Seboke! There is no such recipeicon_exclaim.gif . Make the whole thing and save the rest for breakfast!biggrin.gif
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By yourself? I'd do what any caveman would do and smoke them whole. Eat them like nobodys watching...(cuz they aint suppossed to be)...and forget the napkins...after that, I'd need a shower to clean up. ENJOY!
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Nick, I like the way you think.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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You all are too funny! I promise the q-view won't include any pictures of me standing over the sink in my under-shorts with a bunch of empties lying about and sauce all over my face, but I will try to post some q-view.
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LOL...can't wait to see what you come up with.
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Is Bassman the only sane one in the bunch? Given the opportunity to stuff the fridge with leftovers of the things I don't have time to make when "someone else" is doing the cooking, without "someone else" constantly looking over your shoulder and second guessing every extra flake of red pepper or every extra millimeter of fat, without "someone else" reminding you of your cholesterol, hypertension, weight, or diabetes (take your pick, I'm battin' a thousand...), I say: fire that baby up and fill it to the gills!

But you didn't hear that from me....
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pac go crazy ..smoke the whole thing enjoy yourself ...make a great a couple of hours out of it
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I'd trade my wife for a night alone with a full rack and a half rack.
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I'm with Cowgirl on this one. Go for the Manly Ribs!
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I'd have ta go with the whole rack as is and plenty of ice cold beverage to wash it down. Heck my wife might would even find me passed out on the floor with a rib sticking outta my mouth trying to eat em all before she got home biggrin.gif
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With that diet you have been recently on...go for it, untrimmed, oozing down your forarms, no one around, slurping sounds....you neighbors should be asking is that Steve or a pit bull eating him alive?? eat like no man has!! CHEW MAN CHEW!!
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There be but one thin ta due friend, smoke up that rack a ribs, maker yerself some fried taters an a batch a corn fritters ta go with it, pop the top on yer favorite cold one, eat like a slob an watch yer favorite tv program! AAAAArrrrrrrhhhhhhaaaarhhaarrhhh!
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