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Wichita Ks BBQ contest

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I see that Wichita is holding a state championship bbq cookoff this Sat, June 14th. Just wondered is anybody was going to attend. It is only 30 minutes from me so I will go up to see all the happenings.

If anyone else is planning on being there, let me know and maybe we can meet and say hi.

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This Saturday..
I wish I could make it up there, but will be too busy.

Ate at a great Q joint up there a couple of weeks ago, wish I could remember the name of the place. Had an all you can eat buffet for $8. I couldn't believe how good it tasted.
Had to drive through the alley to check out their smoker when I left.
(ok, I always drive down the alley to check out smokers...lol)
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