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finishing sauce

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would it be any good if i took SoFlaQuers finishing sauce and changed it ........i know a lot of people like it but up in mn we like sweet well at lest everyone i cook for dose so what if i took and left out half of the vinegar and replaced it with apple juice i think it sounds good ......i don't want to take out all of vinegar because i know it is impotent to help break down some meat
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any ideas would really be helpfull
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The name of the game is to make it the way you like it! I'm currently working on my BBQ Sauce. I've got 4-recipes and am trying each one then changing them till I find what I like.

Good luck and happy smokin!
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1 or 2 TBS of honey in the recipe!icon_wink.gif
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There are no rules.Try many different things and keep the ones you and your family and friends like. Good luck.
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or and maby use apple cyder vinegar PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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You may just add more brown sugar, maple syrup, (pricey) or mollasses. Just experiment and be creative. No recipe is set in stone.
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I made some tonight using apple cider vinegar. It didnt make it sweet. I also substituted the Cajun seasoning for some other seasoning (cant remember the name). I cant find the cajun seasoning he uses round these parts.
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Just what I was thinking also. Where I'm at we like our Q a little more sweeter also. I tried the finishing sauce just like it was and found it a little too vinegary (if thats a word). What I did was replace the vinegar with apple cider vinegar and then add Tourbando Sugar to taste.
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what is Tourbando Sugar.....i have never hurd of it
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Turbinado sugar, also known as turbinated sugar, is a type of sugar cane extract. It is made by steaming unrefined raw sugar. Turbinado sugar is similar in appearance to brown sugar but paler, and in general the two can be exchanged freely in recipes. A popular brand name is Sugar in the Raw.

Per Wikipedia! biggrin.gif

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sweeten the sauce every one else..change might come up with something more exciting(Then please post it) most folks have used it from what I have read. and like it..but the same o same o can get boringggg..

there are so many ways to change it. and make it sweeter. and that would depend on your likes..pineapple juice? then there are all the nectors out there from the tropics. papaya would be great with some honey are maple syrup added.I believe it has properties that are used in meat tenderizers.
mangoes are sweet also.and you could dry the rinds and then add them to the coals for some mangoe smoke. (christ, I am gettin home sick now)..then there would be tabasco sauce and simple syrup. equal parts.sweet and spicy..
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What he said, sorry I spelled it wrong. What I found about Turbianado sugar is it carmelizes better and thus a better crust on the meat. Turbinado sugar is also more granular in appearance. Brown sugar will be more moist. I was turned onto this by Bill and Cheryl Jamison and have used it ever since. As Cinn said, you can find in almost any grocery store marketed as Sugar in the Raw.
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