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Oregon Newb

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Hey all thought I'd introduce myself. I'm Robert from Oregon and have been looking to get a smoker for a while and I think I'm about ready once the local Walmart's has the GOSM in stock. I look forward to learning a lot and some good cooking this summer and beyond.
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Welcome to SMF Robert. I suggest signing up for Jeff's 5 Day Ecourse it has lots of good info and its free. There is lots of good recipes listed on the left side of the page and in the threads. If you have questions just ask and somebody will try to help you out. Have Fun and Good Smoking
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Welcome to SMF!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Welcome to the SMF!! Before you go to Walmart check out the thread about cheap metal in the GOSM vs the same one at Lowes.
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Welcome to SMF, from another Oregonian. Lots of great information here, and plenty of knowledge being shared. Enjoy your stay!
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Welcome! Keep us posted with pixs!!!
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I might be moving up by you next year. My friend just got a job in Hillsboro and I was thinking bout moving to Portland area to pursue some internships. How is it up in that part of Oregon?

I'm originally from Corvallis but going to school in Eugene (YUCK!) right now.
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I lived in Hillsboro for a while before buying a house over in West Linn, it's not a bad place. Access to the Light rail to downtown, lots of the chain stores on your doorstep and plenty of apartment complexes, if your internship is going to be in Hillsboro it makes sense.

Traffic can be a pain anywhere in the Portland metro area and especially the 26 which you'd take from Hillsboro to downtown Portland so think about that before you decide.
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robert, welcome to smf. the gosm is a fine smoker. ck out the ecourse-free,lotsa great people here waiting to help you succeed in your smokng adventures.share a smoke or two with qview!!!
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What everybody else said.
Welcome aboard!
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Robert, Welcome. Lots of great info and people here. As someone mentioned the e-course, Jeff's rubs are good place to start, too. (a few $) Amen on your screen name, too.
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I second what dalgish said. The metro area basically has three sections, Downtown (basically the area bounded by 217, the west hills, and I-5, Eastside (east of I-5) and Westside (anything west of 217 and I-5). Commuting from any one to the others is a pain. It used to take me about an hour and a half to drive from downtown to beaverton (westside), which was about 10 miles, and I'm sure that hasn't gotten much better.

If your internship is in hillsboro, I'd suggest finding a place around there. Hillsboro and west still has fairly affordable housing (which is why I'm in cornelius). Beaverton and the closer-in areas are pretty spendy, but tend to be nicer. That's not saying that Hillsboro isn't nice, there's just some older more run down sections to watch out for.
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Welcome to the SMF Rob! Hope to see ya around a lot!
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