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The Bacon Tree

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Two Mexicans are stuck in the desert, wandering aimlessly and close to death. They are close to just lying down and waiting
for the inevitable, when all of a sudden.......

'Hey Pepe, do you smell what I smell.
Ees bacon I is sure of eet.'

'Si, Luis , eet smells like bacon to meee.'

So, with renewed strength, they struggle up the next sand dune, and there, in the distance, is a tree loaded with bacon.

There's raw bacon, dripping with moisture, there's fried bacon, back bacon, doublesmoked bacon... every imaginable kind of cured pig meat.

'Pepe, Pepe, we is saved. 'Eees a bacon tree.'

'Luis, are you sure ees not a meerage?
We ees in the Desert don't forget.'

'Pepe when deed you ever hear of a meerage that smell like bacon...ees no meerage, ees a bacon tree'.

And with that... Luis Races towards the tree. He gets to
within 5 metres, Pepe following closely behind, when all of a sudden, a machine gun opens up,and Luis is cut down in his tracks. It is clear he is mortally wounded but, a true friend that he is, he manages to warn Pepe with his dying breath.

'Pepe... go back man,you was right ees
not a bacon tree.'

'Luis Luis mi amigo... what ees it?

'Pepe... ees not a bacon tree...


Eees a Ham Bush.
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HEE...HEE...HAW...HAW...thats funny!
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OMG that is hilarious. Caught me off guard. Thats when jokes are good.
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HA !! good one.
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OOOOiiiiieeeee! Ok, it's funny!
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really?? hahah..don't be too harsh.. hahaha... the joke was funny.... haha
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HA HA HA, ham bush. LOL!
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