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Yup. Definately fast now. Maybe even eating of barbecue soon...
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don't forget to rest them at least an hour or close so the juices redistrubte areyou slicing or pulling?
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I'm going to pull them.
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takin them to 195-200 then?
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Stuck butt....

Nothing worse I had a small one stall on me three weeks ago.Little bugger stuck for 4+ hours at 154 foiled it mopped then she came around pretty quick.If it was any bigger it would have gone in the oven.
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The first butt I did was a little 4.5 pound sucker.. and it stalled like that too. I think it was 3 hours at around 153, then it even started to drop temperature. I was all worried like you were and it sure looked like it was totally drying out. So I got on here and asked and got pretty much the same response, since you're pretty close, go ahead and wrap it and finish it up. Boy was I relieved when that thermometer finally started to climb. The end result was great too.

Hope they turned out good for you!
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I did finally get the pork shoulder up to 195 F at 2 AM last night, and pulled at 3 AM. Had myself a nice little late night snack, which was delicious. The fatty I did yesterday after I finished seasoning my smoker. I stuffed it with chedder and jalapeno, and it was pretty damn good too.

Thanks for the help everyone.
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darn dude...........points for hanging in, this is one for the record books..........nice looking fattie also
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Looks great glad it finally finished for ya PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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We hung in there with ya (kind of...)!!! is the results that count, and lookd likeyours counted! Great smoke!!!!!!! I'll give ya some points too!
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that kind of shows how when smoeking meat you NEVER really know how long it will take lol but that was one heack of a stall PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifim glad you made it throw it you have any hair left ?
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Some, but hey, I've got plenty on my chin too, so I suppose I might do a little patch work there. That, or there's always good ol' hair in a can.
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great job of hangin in there. good lokkin grub!!!
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Stalled butt is no fun

check out my celebration BUTT for incuction into the OTBS

I actually had a double plateau

butt when that bugger was done it was well worth the waitwink.gif
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Congrats on the butt. It's a hard thing to be patient, but I'm sure you found out it is rewarding
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