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ABT Device

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Thought this was worth posting.
Only drawback is no bacon on exterior.

Thought I'd toss it out there
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These are also available from Cabela's in three sizes, or Sportsman's Warehouse in either black (9.95) or stainless (18.95). I have two of the black ones, one for the house and I keep one in the RV. They work great.
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for some reason I can not get the link to come up. and tried google williams products and it came up with a roaster from cabelas????go figure.
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Dang they are cheap, I was gonna make a few but for that price it is hard to beat.
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That's messed up it worked for me.
Yahoo/Google Williams Sonoma
Then search "poppers"
device/recipe n all
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not to worry...I am on a federal computer..they have sooooo many restrictions on them and so many sites blocked it over laps on good ones..some times the cursor moves by its self and a message comes up saying I need to work on this system please log off..
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Federal Computer WTF. Give us the skinny PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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I'm ever the tightwad, so here's what I do. Go to wally world and buy you a cheap disposable aluminum pan. Turn the thing upside down and use a hole saw to cut as many holes as you need; whatever size you need. When the thing gets grimy, pitch it and build a new one.

Also, most people don't have these, but I take mine to work and use our hole punches used to cut holes for electrical conduit. If you have one, use it. If not, the hole saw works just fine.
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That's a great idea josh,I'm kind of a tightwad myself.This forum amaze's me sometimes on how many things a person can learn everyday here.icon_smile.gif
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That, or an upside aluminum foil turkey roaster (or whatever size you want) and use sissors to cut your holes. And like Geek said, throw away when too grimmy and make another.
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No offenese, but i would realy like to see a hole saw on a disposible aluminum pan, i think you may get "spun aluminum" wadded up in your hands, . wally sells a cheap turd rack for 5$, they hold 12, get one of them. if you want super sized, get a cookie sheet and use the KO set geek refered to, and hopefuly its a hydraulic so you dont wad it up.
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If referring to me, I said sissors, not a saw, on an aluminum foil pan.....
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I THINK he meant a pan made of actual metal... a CAKE pan. Usually like .0625"...errr 1/16th for the decimally challenged.
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Got to thinkin...( was hard since I dont have many brain cells left) r right.
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I think I need to run to the store and pick up a cookie sheet. Better clean the grease off the hydraulic KO set too!
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Get the cake pan. You need the clearance for the pepper tips.
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If gonna use a "heavier" pan, I recommend a 12x9x2 inch cake pan. Also, cut holes/slits in the sides so more smoke can get to the bottoms of the peppers. Just as Richtee said, you will need the clearance.
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there is a couple of pics here of a turd rack my neighbor and i made from a cookie sheet
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Last month, I was in a Williams Sonoma store and purchased one of these. They are incredibly sturdy and over built.
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