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Brisket Throwdown!!! AZ desert vs FL coast

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After smoking for almost 6 months, I had not smoked a brisket. Had been stalling at it for a while and one night in the chat room, Desertlites challenged me to a brisket throwdown PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif !

With the encouragement from the other chatters in the room, I accepted the challenge!

I decided to smoke my brisket today and Bob is doing his tomorrow and will post his pics in this thread. It's a friendly, virtual competition, one only suitable for the SMF biggrin.gif .

Both of us used the smokyokie searing method. It smelled wonderful while on the grill!

Here are some details and qvue of my brisket smoke, thus far:

- Smoking a 11# packer with the point separated from the flat
- Rubbed meat with Jeff's rub and let it sit in fridge overnight for 12 hours
- Seared meat on both sides until sticky and black - internal temp when I pulled the meats off was 129 deg.
- Mopped meat every hour with a recipe of: 1 stick of salted butter, juice of 1 whole lemon, worchestire sauce until mixture is a rich brown color
- Waited for internal temps to hit 170 deg and foiled both pieces of meat with some of the mop sauce in there. The point hit 170 about 90 min before the flat.
- type of wood used = hickory


separated point from flat, awaiting rub

rubbed point and flat, awaiting the sear

flaming brisket

ready for the smoking session

flat prior to foiling

Next batch of pics will be of the finished products. Can't wait to see what Bob's brisket looks like! biggrin.gif
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Looks great. I haven't had the nuggets to try a brisket yet. I might be blowing it out of proportion but its like the holy grail of BBQ. I will have to look into the "smokeyokie searing meathod" never heard that one or just forgot. Probably the later.
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Looks great Laurel kinda looking like Bob has his work cut out for him biggrin.gif

Looking forward to more Qview are these gonna be sliced or pulled?
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Looks fantastic Laurel.....Bob should be nervous after reading/seeing your initial qview....although he'll prolly be all "manly-man"-like and say sumpin' like..."she ain't got nuttin' on me".....ROFL

What a great idea!!....SMF Throwdowns!!....coast to coast......North & South....lots of fun for all !!

Will be waiting for the end results......oooooooooooo!!.....can I be a judge????????????????????? PLEEEZE, PLEEEEZE, pUhLEEEEEEEEEEEZE!!!

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Man this is going to be a tasty showdown!!!! Looking very good already PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Jerry - I'm pulling them outta the smoker for a cooler sauna at 205 so I'm planning on pulling them. Have an idea up my sleeve with the pulled brisket, may have to post another thread on that .... biggrin.gif

Eric, love your passion to be a judge. You are in IA which is sorta in the middle of both of us .. PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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Look at that brisket........you go girl!!
I looks fabulous!! Well done, you will chowing on that for tomorrows race!!!
Hey when you separate the grease from the drippings, freeze it..I used a hunk from mine the other day making rice..sauted the long grain rice in it before cooking the rice..everyone loved it...gives it a serious depth of flavor..I read also you can use it in beans...Good luck girlfriend!! The first throwdown on SMF!! (I was wondering what was going on in those chat rooms!)

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Glad you all are doing this. I need to try the smokyokie method myself.
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Looking good...
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Dang thats looking pretty good there gal-so u pulling huh? I sliceing mine-and as far a the jucies do them in the ice cube trays-works great-with mine I will do a a-jus with my Special mix-mine been rubbed 3 days before smoke-will sear BIG TIME-than smoke hickory for temp it takes -at 220 prolly throw some ABT's in-big meat grinding day tomarrow also-glad I have help-Thanks for the fun Laurel
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and Eric it's east west not north south-so what kinda judge u gonna be? sure be a long walk for a turn in huh?
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Finished product

The briskets have rested for over 2 hours and I decided to make a pan gravy out of the brisket drippings to go along with the meat.

When taking them out of the foil, the point was easiest to shred. I did attempt to shred the flat but it was too tough so it ended up being sliced <drat!>. Improvement for next time is to let the flat go until slicing temps so it can be juicy when it's pulled, rested and sliced. The pan gravy I made with the drippings (equal parts drippings and flour, added beef broth to increase the volume) helped moisten up the meat a bit.

Baked myself a potato and it was dinner time!!

Enjoy the pics, looking forward to Bob's results tomorrow!!

rested roasts and pan gravy

shredded point

sliced flat

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I think Bob's in trouble looks great PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Yum- I glad I got the extra day to get mine going and to see yours-pulled -sliced? heck it's all beef-I just hope your first brisket turned out great Laurel-and I sure it has-hope Ron salavateing on your beef.
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WOW! Laurel, Bob's got his hands full to beat that!!! Never in a hunnerd years woulda thought that was your first brisket. Goes to show all the newbs, if ya read the proven methods of some of the old smokin vets in here, smokes are gonna turn out great!!
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that is some real fine looking brisket laurel. richtee be proud of u with that sauce u made. lookin forwardto bobs post tomorrowQ!!
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great job..gravy was a good idea..why let good drippins go to waste..
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My money's on Laurel- and the Wings ;{)
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Wow. that looks great. This will be interesting.
Great job Sumo.
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Great job!! Looks very tasty indeed,
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