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Memorial Day Smoke

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Here's what's going in the big block tommorrow and monday. i'm going to start off with the brisket, it started at 17# but trimmed down to 13, at about 4pm tommorrow i'll fire up the GOSM..i trimmed off quite a bit of fat with plenty left then sliced the capped and dowsed with worchestershire sauce then plenty of rub..

4 racks of spares, 18# worth, that i'll trim down tommorrow and put on monday morning with some western stuffed fatties. also gonna make some baked beans with the big butter beans.

i pretty much have most things covered except i was wondering if i should have the brisket or the ribs on top. the brisket should be close to foiling by the time the ribs go in
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That stuff looks good, the brisket especially all rubbed down. Looking forward to seeing the results and/or progress of your smoke tomorrow!
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getting ready to fire up LuLu and put in the brisket i figure it will be at least 20 hours before it's done...making the beans now and gonna get the ribs prepped to put on tommorrow morning..oh yeah having fatties for supper tonite

3:30 and i just put the fatties in , they are stuffed with pepperoni and gr.bell pepper and some onion so gonna be a good supper have some biscuits and white gravy yet to make
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what a day

put the brisket on at 3 rolled up some fatties and stuck them on..took the grandson and the mutt for a walk and then made some gravy and biscuits and had a fine supper, trimmed and rubbed the spares boy gonna have a feast tommorrow..
just checked the brisket, it's sitting at 155, been in for 6 hours and it looks just devine and smells awesome, neighbors are gonna be mad at me, anyways here's some q-view for your pleasure..now i'm gonna fry up some bacon and mix up some beans to put in LuLu when i load here up with the ribs
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Looks great. Waiting for the end results.
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very nice looking bark on that brisket, am looking forward to seeing how juicy it is once it's been rested!!! keep us posted with the progress and enjoy the fatty!
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That's fine looking eats there. I can't wait to see that brisket sliced up. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

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You guys are killing me here.
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6 hrs early

here is the finished brisket..it's done about 6 hrs early..internal temps are 200 - 205 so into the cooler.. took a total of 13.5 hrs and it felt like i was pushing the thermometer into mush ,very easy, so it should still be warm at 12...had to shut down LuLu it's to early to put the ribs on yet...
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Heya Line...fine lookin' brisket there! 6 hours early eh? Well, ya just never know. How much did it weigh ya figger after trimming?
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it trimmed down to a little over 13.5 it had one heck of a fat cap across the top and i trimmed it to a 1/4" and a softball size piece from the middle
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Mikes Wicked Baked Beans

just put the ribs on and once the temp settles down i'll throw these beans on.

man i'm starvin' already
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Ribs, ABT 's (didn't make it long enough for a pic), Fatty, Beans, Corn...

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just foiled the ribs and the beans are lookin good can't wait for the feast.

gonna slice the brisket soon and put it back in LuLu to heat it back up, been in the cooler since 4:30 and is still warm to the touch,
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ooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i'm stuffed

everything was excellent.. the beans were great the brisket awesome and the ribs ,DAMN, they were good
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Those are some good lookin beans. Would you share the recipe?
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Looks great!

Wish I could have a rib and a slice of brisket---and maybe some beans?

Looks pretty awesome:-)

I am settling for grilled turkey burgers:-(
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i'm stuffed

man i ate so much i feel like this guy

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Super Heros on smoke!

Super Heros on smoke!!! The bat smoker!
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lookin hella-good line , and them beans whoa !!! you put butter beans in there ? maybe you could run another post with your recipe for them wicked beans....
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