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Chris...as Dude said your doing fine. Just remember to take the jerky off while It's still flexable, It will firm up as it cools, you don't want leather. Color has to do with sugar contant In your marinade....the more sugar the darker it will be, not a bad thing. Venisen, because of the low fat content, will not come out shiny (kinda dull color). I'm not really sure what you mean about the rough texture?...but if you like the end product?...no problem.

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Again, it tastes great! But "novices" always question the appearance.
Makes me feel like I don't know what I'm doing.
But, they always eat all of it. No problems there.
But I am curious as to how I can get a better appearance?
How do you add a glaze?
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You guys all know more than I do for the most part about Jerky but I was reading this on another website.  


"When this term (curing) is applied to products made commercially it will mean that meats are prepared with salt, nitrite, ascorbates, erythorbates and dozens more chemicals that are pumped into the meat. Meat cured only with salt, will have a better flavor but will also develop an objectionable dark color."



Thought there is some good info there for anyone.


I myself have never made jerky but that's what brought me here.  I'm trying to do some research on it first so I don't screw it up too badly the first try.  Thanks for sharing,


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STWallace, a bunch of us make jerky on here so ask away!  its become my recent obsession!

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300 degrees? It seems that your cooking it instead of drying it. Since it is being cooked I guess curing is not a big issue. That may be why it is darker too. But if it is good then you did good. Just a different style is all. This is how I do mine.


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Would love to see some pics of your jerky operation. Because as they say here...



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Haha, Ale!


Doug, I think next week sometime i'm going to try to make some jerky.  I will be coming to all of you for answers..  Thanks 


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