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Full circle lump charcoal

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Has anyone tried this brand ? I've only tried Royal oak (I liked it ) and cowboy ( didn't really like it ) . Local grocery store has full circle and wally world is out of royal oak again.
So compared to the two I've tried where do you feel full circle ranks ?
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Sorry I have never heard of it before..............Never seen it around here in North Dakota........let us know if you try it and how it goes..........
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Not a lot of info out there.....

I did a google search for "Full Circle Lump Charcoal" and only came back with one hit that matched all the words...from another forum.
It was only ONE post and it was a reply to someone's question about that brand of lump. Here's the quote.......

That's all I could find.......hope this helps,
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I'v been to a lot of places ...and I mean alot that sell lump charcoal since I bought my smoker last summer. Have not heard of that brand in Ohio.

Let us know how you like it.

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Never heard of it but am wondering who, and if, there is a parent company that manufactures the stuff and just sells it under a different name. If EME didn't find much via Google, it may be a crap-shoot. If it's reasonably priced, give it a shot. May turn out to be some good stuff ...
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Thanks , I'll try checking out the bag for a mfg or other company name , I guess it may be made by a parent company if no one else has heard of it.
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The Naked Whiz


I just went here and looked for it. Nothing. Maybe after you buy a bag you can contribute to their site and help out lots of people with the same dilemma.
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