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First ABT Attempt

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I decided to take a crack at ABT's today and got a good education about making these little bombs. The first lesson I learned was that one should put on a haz mat suit before beginning any work.

When it came to the coring, I thought I was on to something with my wife's Pampered Chef strawberry cap remover for cleaning out the inside. But as I was to learn later, it didn't get all the hot stuff out of the tip.

Once they peppers were cored, I made my stuffing mix.

Before capping with my bacon, I nuked the bacon in the microwave for about 1 1/2 minutes. Once capped with the bacon, I put it on the smoker at 230 degrees for about an hour and a half.

For a first timer, they were pretty tasty but the tips were very HOT!
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Mmmmm...SuperDave, looks like you did a fine job.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Good job Dave. Those things are tasty.
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Dave - nice looking ABTs, especially the pic of the ABT holder! Did you purchase that or make it yourself?

Sounds like they turned out well with a tad of kick to 'em!
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LOL. I have to agree with you on the haz mat suit. Those little guys will light you up.

Good job, great looking ABTs PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Great ABT s! Looks like you scored some jumbos like I did. Fixin to post some pics as soon as photobucket finishes the upload...................
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sumosmoke, the holder is the Cabela's SS pepper holder. I got some Cabela's points built up on the credit card and redeemed them for the holder. I like free stuff!!!

For my next attempt, I'll have to find a tool that will scrape the tips better. I can see why a lot of the giys do the canoe style after my first shot at it.
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Looks great. Bet they were tasty.
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Those little jewels look so yummy!! WOW!!
Thanks for the insperation ~ I am going to tackle an ABT soon!!
Hey, has anyone tried to use a pasilla chili????
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Can't remember who it was, but i'm sure read on here somewhere to try using a regular old potato peeler.

Haven't done any of these lil' devils myself yet. They are definitely on the list for the next smoke.
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