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Japs/Cayennes er Planted!

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Got my japs and my cayennes planted this mornin. 12 jap plants an 4 cayennes. Now they gotta grow! Never grew these thins before, an that will be the extent of my garden!
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Congrtats and you'll have fun. Just remember, once you start to pick them, they will regenearate. I usually pick 20% of a plant each week or so, somtimes sooner depending on the time of year. That way, you'll get "a lot" of peppers over the season.

When the first "mature" looking peppers appear, pick one and do a taste test. Usually, you will pick too soon and there really isn't much heat to them. So, just keep trying that unitl you get to the heat you're looking for and then start storing/cooking.

P.S. chicken poop is a great fertilizer and adds to heat.
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sprinkle a TBLS. of epsoms salt around the drip edge two or three times throughout the growing season. They like alot of magnesium.
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cool Tip-have my peppers in also-and them buggers love to drink also!
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me and little fred420 doing japs, habs, cayennes, bananna, and a jalapeno hybrid..too cold in ny for outside yet..grow lites needed..
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From what I here, if you aint got pictures, it didnt happen!!!
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Another tip for growers with short seasons, find some "Tomato/Pepper Set" and spray on the plants when they start to flower. Makes the yields much better/bigger.
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Another tip. Skip all that stuff and just use lots of good quality compost. You wont need anything else.
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