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Proper seasoning?

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I have aquired a sizable amount of apple limbs, about 3-4" diameter (80 or so pounds). They are freshly cut and green. My thought is to chunk them and pack the pieces in onion sacks and hang them for some time in the loft of my garage (not the attic). It gets somewhat warm up there in the summer. Am I on the right track? How long (ballpark) should I wait to use them? How would I know when they are properly seasoned?

Thanks for the help. I will not have access to the net on the weekend, but I'll check back Monday morning.
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Use the attic. Warmer the better. Split them in half and quarters and it'll be ready in a month I'll bet.

Preburn a chunk... no gook coming out the end..or very little? READY!
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I would stack the wood outside off the ground so the air can get to it.
I heat my house with wood and I stack all my wood outside and just cover the top of the stack to keep the rain off as much as possible.
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Rich, very warm in loft... almost attic like. Will do the pre-burn about July or August. Good tip.

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