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Check out this link. Let Al swing the octopii!

Bettman is messing with tradition WAAAY too much.
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# 4293 for me!
Thanks Rich! I will pass this along to others!
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4925 here. I've always thought that was a neat tradition. Smelly, but neat!
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4926 - why do people always have to mess with TRADITION .... PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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While we are on the subject, what are some other teams traditions or pet peaves?

Dallas Stars.......................


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You know, I'm not exactly sure of any traditions the Pens partake in on a regular basis ... eek.gif Even did a google-search to see if I could find any but didn't turn anything up.

Nice thread though, Dan. Would be interesting to see what other traditions exist out there in the league.
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I know for the Stars, during the National Anthem, in the two places in the lyrics where the word Stars are, the entire fan base yells STARS! at the top of their lungs. I personally don't have a problem with this, but it seems to offend some as an insult to the Anthem.
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Must be the same kinda group that is griping about the octopuss!
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Bettman should be the one swinging. That clown has pretty much singlehandedly ruined the NHL from its former glory. My issues are several, but I'll never forgive the renaming of the divisions and conferences for starters. By renaming such to generic titles to make the NHL more akin to other sports is IMO a slap in the face to tradition.

The conferences should never be referred to anything other than Wales or Campbell and the divisions Norris Smythe Patrick and Adams.

Go Leafs!
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St Louis has a tradition ... NEVER WIN THE %&*$* CUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, the Pens lost their tradition, thanks to Fox Sports ... when they got rid of Mike Lang broadcasting the game on TV ... GET IN THE FAST LANE GRANDMA, THE BINGO GAME IS ABOUT TO BEGIN!!!!!!
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