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Ceramic Smoker/Grills

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Anybody know much about the ceramic smoker/grills I see around these days? I've seen the "Big Green Egg" and the "Grilldome". Do they work pretty good, and are they worth the money? Just wondering.PDT_Armataz_01_15.gif
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I'm presently smoking an 8 pound boston butt on my big green egg. It's been on since 9:00 this AM at 235. I haven't once opened it up and it's purring along and holding steady. I have to admit the BGE is the best smoker/ grill I've ever owned and I've had a bunch of them over the years. There is a little learning curve but doesn't take too long to get the hang of them. Just practice. IMHO I think the BGE is well worth the money.(lifetime guarantee)
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Just wanted to ad one more thing about the Big Green Egg. I use 1 eight pound bag of natural charcoal and I've gotten as long as a 26 hour burn at 225-235. No messing around with adding charcoal or anything. Holds the heat and moisture extremely well. Last pulled pork I made took 21 hours and it was awesome.
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I was at a local pool furniture store that sold BGEs and was talking to someone that owned one. He said that when he smokes meat he does it on a "smoker" and not on his BGE because his temps got out of control. Glad to hear they are manageable from folks that have them, as well.
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experiment with ceramic.

If you want to experiment with a ceramic smoker for "cheap" (cheap is relative, of course), get yourself 2 large terracotta pots. Alton Brown did a show on good eats showing how to do this. He used an electric hot plate, but you can use charcoal if you can keep the temperatures down, and can get enough air through the bottom. You can build one for less than about $50.

My poor dialup it worthless, so I can't watch it, but I think this is the youtube of the show:
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I know a few people who have BGE's and swear by them and a couple that swear at them so I don't know what to tell ya to each there own I guess
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That is a great youtube! I never thought of trying it out with a flower pot, that would be cheap.

By the way, does anyone know if the grilldome is comparable to the big green egg?
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my opinion is not so humble when i talk about the bge. its bad to the bone, it does everything my other smokers do and more. including some screaming pizzas. i use a different avatar of my different smokers from time to time, check out my XL bge. everything came out awsome. wildcat
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I enjoy my BGE. I have a Large. Its as close to set it and forget it as you can get, when it comes to low and slow cooking.

And for grilling, I've done some great steaks on it. I sear them at 700F and then drop the temp on the BGE and let it roast. Cooks fast and they are juicy and tender.
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