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With a Fork!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Similarly, I now add tabasco (or hotter) over the top of SoFlQuer finishing sauce for my pref. I don't heat up the rub or finishing sauce as others (my family or whoever) don't want that much spice.
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I like using the finishing sauce then serving several different sauces on the side usually a KC, a Memphis, something spicy, and an oddball like a teriaki based. I then proceed to try them all.
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I have the "bad" habit smoking way too much meat for any occasion. That equals LEFTOVERS! Anyone can get tired of PP sammies for every meal. I do different things: PP sammies with Jeff's BBQ sauce; PP sammies with SFQ's finishing sauce; just a lump of PP with BBQ or finishing sauce; in scrambled eggs; as a side to fried eggs. I was gonna do some PP nachos tonight, but got my fill of Capt/Coke instead. I think I'll give that a go for dinner tomorrow night. Q-view will document the effort!
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I never get tired of it. Im still a youngin only 23 so when i get back from the bar i heat some up, like tonight, thats where most of it goes
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My pulled pork gets served completely dry. with sauce on the side unless its for sandwiches then the sauce is mixed in. I do a smoker full of meat when i smoke cause it takes the same amount of wood or natural charcoal no mater if i do 1 roast or 4. By serving dry, i can make enchiladas, quesidalias, use the meat for numerous cassaroles, stuff it with cheese inside peppers, etc. without restricting its numerous uses with sauce. I have a good rub and it does speak for itself when served.
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I serve mine dry, but with a couple finishing sauces for those who want. I personally like a spicy sauce on my sammy but during leftover-lunches for work, I'll just as soon squirt brown mustard on the bun and slap the dry meat on it. By the way, dry PP BBQ on a kaiser roll with a thick slice of Swiss cheese over it nukes up real well for a quick meal.
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