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No one told me about this.

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As I have said I am new to smoking, but not new to the ole BBQ grill. normally always use time to tell if she is done by cooking with the correct temp.
now that I have new TOYS ie: temp gauges with probes on long stainless steele wire. Do not use them on the rottisirie..bad things happen..
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Lol. Ooops.
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Oh MY! PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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just wondering at What temp. did you see somthing going wrong?
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They make a rotisserie model of remote therms. The wire goes through a steel collar at the end of the spit to a transmitter that is mounted on the end of the spit. It spins around with the meat, no worries, and sends the signal to the reciever just like the usual models. I think it is made b maverick, but I would have to do a search to be sure. I almost ordered one when I seen them. Less than 50 bucks!
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I wish I had got that far with my roto. I bought a Char griller roto to go on my chargriller pro w/ sfb. I got the fire going and put the meat on, only to find, when the temp dropped and I needed to add more lump, that the unit blocks the lid on the sfb. Real nice.
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Did ya see it happen or come out and wonder why your digi therm registered - - - ?
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You know, I was thinking about this the other day again. This came up a couple of months ago (or yesterday, it all runs together these days) and some wild solutions were discussed. I was wondering though, as I don't have a rotiss.....that spinny thing (can't spell the other thing). If you used a hollow spit and run your probe up the non-drive end through a small hole about the middle of the spit, you could mount your cheap oven thermo to the end of the spit and read temps the whole time. Wouldn't that work?
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I believe it's the ET-77

Turn the roto the other way....

A hollow spinny thing wouldn't hold much meat.
How do you get internal temp with an oven thermo?
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Okay,tried another smoke sat..I believe it was walking dude said make sure you have good tbs I thought great I can do tbs I guess that means THICK BLACK SMOKE..well i had the ribs going for about two hours and there was this wimpy blue smoke flowin out the vent. I added more wood Pecan, cheery oak, still running at 230 degrees. and wimpy smoke. soo. I had my son chop off a hunk of rail road tie I had by the garden. through that on the coal..let me tell we had TBS it was thick. a herd of them african killers bee's was flyin through the area..they never made it when they passed through the black cloud, they kamikazied into walls and trees never got back up. I said dam. I wonder if this is the correct smoke.
well I am here to tell ya do not use ole phone pole are rail road ties for your TBS..
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well, another small thing happened.
I believe it was abelman that said I use a coffee grinder to powder my chiles for rubs..he never said make sure you clean it really well before your wife makes the morning coffee.
well I have a small amount of some rare hot peppers from africa, they grow some where in the region of the lower umphaloo river by a tribe that is called the volcano butt tribe by the surronding tribes. I had to have them smuggled out of africa through china and some other countries in the arse's of to be lab monkey's.
I had a hard time learning the name of the pepper as most don't want to talk about it and the volcano butts are normally walking around with theirs mouths open into the wind.
but an elder from a close tribe told me through heavy translation they were called the "DEVIL'S DINGALBERRY'S"
any way I normally only use it to make cerviche, but when my wife and her mother started being judges at chile cook offs. I started making chile and entering it under fictisous names.
anyways I thought what the heck I will grind some up in my wifes coffee grinder and use it to make a rub at a later date.
when I was done. I shook the grinder and used some paper towels to wipe her down.
and put it back it its spot.
well the next morning the war department gets up and she has to have a good cup of coffee before she speaks. normally she hisssss loud if you talk at her before the 1st cup.
we both poured our selves a cup..it was hot real hot smokey flavored. she started walking around like she does at the chile comps fanning her mouth and saying I would like to find that B----- that enters that hot chile.
except that she was fanning and saying I know who that B---- is that enters that hot chile.
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HOT Coffee

thanks for the laugh coyote. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Man, coyote, you're cracking me up!!icon_lol.gifPDT_Armataz_01_24.gif

That was a great post!

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well, who wuda thunk..I had a ole bottle of bacardi 151 proof settin around and my wife said get rid of it no more Snowman twinkle martini's
This martini cocktail is twinkling with winter flavor.
see, i had made maritins for the lady folks and the 151 was one of the ingredents of several high dollar bottles of hooch that made the martini. any how, after a couple drinks some of the lady's started showing me their breast augmentations..sweet..well the war department did not like that. and I am prohibited from making any more for the wimen folk just men folk she say's, (yea right) so, after a thread I started asking what do you soak yer wood in?? I thought heck, this stuff might make the meat taste great and why waste it.

I am here to tell yea..do not throw 151 wood soaked chips on a hot fire..my eye lashes will grow back..I was lucky the cooking grids were on as they contained the small explosion
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That was me and I figured a fellow Pepperhead knew the cleaning part biggrin.gif Anyway, great story and I love the "war department" description.

Lastly, as a dedicated pepper grinder, I have a grinder for pepeprs only so the "war department" out this way doesn't get any incoming without prior notice.
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God I'm sorry man but this thread is crackin me up. Sounds like good material for "According to Jim".

And Coyote - whatever the story on those peppers - you know you can grow your own from the seeds right?

Oh, and I think - at least the gentlemen folk - would like a copy of said cocktail recipe. The war dept doesn't tailgate w me. :)
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here you go supervman..enjoy the show..lol..
was looking for a great martini recipe for the holidays..Trying for the gin style type.But, I found something for folks that don't like gin, but enjoy other adult beverages ...

Snowman twinkle martini
This martini cocktail is twinkling with winter flavor.


1 ounce Goldschlager Cinammon Schnapps
1/2 ounce of Bacardi 151 rum (now were talkin)
2 teaspoons Kahlua coffee liqueur
The mix

Combine all ingredients in a shaker 3/4 full of cracked ice and shake, shake, shake! (makes ya wanna dance)
Strain into well chilled martini glasses and enjoy!

I used candy canes for tooth picks..
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well, Live and learn. I was miss directed to some other forum about smoking meat. and saw a photo of some neat hooks welded on this guys smoker, had all these neat tools and gadgets hanging from them. i thought ,How convenient, so, there I was, welded 5 nice looking hanging hooks to the square tube running around the fire box..
hung some nice looking stainless steel tools to it. later fired her up, grabbed the thongs. yes..I need to relocate them are get some real heavy duty welders gloves..the Dr. told me not to worry, if I was ever in bad trouble the FBI could still lift my finger prints..
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Heh... yeeeOUCH. I branded my left index finger the other day. Seems even after 30 years of cooking/grilling/smoking one can STILL have a brain fart ;{)
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Man you need to keep posting these stories and maybe even write them down. You are like a smokey Jean Shepphard (author of the christmas story and countless others)

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